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As far as kubb goes:

Become a proud member of Des Moines Kubb. You can get a 2014 membership by clicking below: 

Why Join the Des Moines Kubb Club:

The biggest benefit your membership can provide is the ability to help shape the future of Des Moines Kubb, and help choose the charities we support. As a member you will be able to nominate and vote for the charities that our event proceeds are donated to. In 2010 we raised over $600 for Iowa CASA. 2011 brought $1,500 to Animal Lifeline, and in 2012 we raised $2,000 for the Child Life Program. 

And if that is not enough reason to join......

  • You will receive a membership card with a permanent member number
  • Active members get discounts on entry fees for Des Moines Kubb Club events, such as the 2013 Fall Kubb Klassic
  • As a member, we have you covered for your next BBQ, outing, or family gathering. All active members may borrow recreational Club Equipment for free (subject to availability/security deposit.)
  • As a member, you have the ability to rent official tournament-legal sets. These sets are the official competition sets (subject to availability/security deposit). This allows you to practice your skills for U.S. Nationals and upcoming tournaments without shelling out the money to purchase one.
  • Discounts from selected club merchandise and participating businesses.
  • Free Des Moines Kubb Club mailings and newsletters.
  • Eligibility to hold office for the Des Moines Kubb Club (The President position will be up for election December 2013)
  • Members are eligible to participate in “DMKC Members Only” events, such as the Winter Kubb Klassic Scrambler.
  • Members can represent the DMKC at sanctioned tournaments (winners will get a write-up on the website)

Okay, sounds good. But how much is it, and how do I join?
Membership for 2013 is 10 bucks. It's as easy as clicking HERE to pay

So....what are my responsibilities as a member then?

Des Moines Kubb Members are not required to do anything....ever. 
However, here are some suggestions...
  • Support the Club, its sponsors, its members and friends
  • Assist with event set-up and clean-up
  • Provide assistance to new players and visitors
  • Abide by rules of courtesy, integrity, and responsibility
  • Spread the word on all the fun the club has

I have some further questions about this; who can I contact?

You can email us at desmoineskubb[at] if you need something clarified. You can also view our Policies and Procedures. And if you haven't already, you can keep up to date with us on our Facebook Group. You can also follow our group on twitter @desmoineskubb. 

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