2013 Winter Scrambler is in the books

8 hearty souls (including two new members - welcome Sandman and Rose!) battled in the snow last weekend for the chance to take home the DMK Winter Cup. In the end, Dobbie managed to go undefeated and his got his named indelibly stamped and burned into the side of the Cup.

Final 2013 Winter Mixer Standings:

1st Place: Dobbie (6.5 wins)
2nd Place: Chris (5.0 wins)
3rd Place: Steve (4.5 wins)
4th Place: Sandy (3.5 wins)
5th Place (tied): Melissa (3.0 wins)
5th Place (tied): Dana (3.0 wins)
7th Place: Jeremy (1.0 wins)
8th Place: Rose (0.5 wins)

Thanks for coming out everybody - another great year in the February sun!

(...was I the only one who got raccoon eyes out there...?)

2013 Loppet - Update

52 Teams played kubb on a frozen lake in the Twin Cities Saturday, making the 2013 Winter Kubb Tournament the 2nd largest kubb tournament in the United States (and possibly North America). In the end it came down to a battle with the 2010 U.S. National Champions, The Ringers. Chris and Grant going 5 for 5 on the initial tosses in the second game ultimately gave Team Knockerheads a significant advantage, and defeated a very strong and very accurate team.

From all of us at Des Moines Kubb, we thank Eric Goplin and his entire volunteer crew for putting together an amazing tournament.

Congratulations to 6-Pack.

1st Place at the Dallas, WI Ocktoberfest tourney 2012

The first 6-player tournament in North America

Club representation (members in bold):

1st - 6-pack

(Aaron McKie, Joe Pendleton, Nate Olson,

Mary Tapken, Josh Tapken, Chris Hodges)

T-5 - Steve Feathers and the Shufflers

(Steve Feathers, Sue Feathers, Josh Feathers, Jaime Feathers, Dana Oredson, Tony Hansen, Amy Hansen)

T-5 - Kubbchucks

(Jamie Thinglestad, Jake Freeberg, Garrick Van Buren, Jeremy Harpold, Heather Woltz-Benz, Mike Farrell)

Good job DMK players; way to represent the club!

6-Pack (pictured below)

The 2012 Fall Kubb Klassic raises 

over $2,000.00 for Child Life 

Over 80 participants and 32 teams played in the 3rd Annual Fall Kubb Klassic presented by Des Moines Kubb and Old Time Games, raising over $2,000.00 for Blank Children's Child Life Program. The money will be used to buy items off their wish list, and will be delivered to the hospital on October 8th.

Click HERE for a complete breakdown of the days events, and finals standings.

Des Moines Kubb Members playing in the tournament:


Los Padres - Chris Hodges and Grant Scott - 3rd Place

Kubb'd - Steve Feathers and Stephanie Kidder - T5th

Club Member Team: Group Play standings

Team Good Game - 9th

Pitch Slap - 10th

Team Lovemitten - 11th

The Pedestrians - 13th

Team Madhouse - 15th

4,5,6 Pickup Sticks - 17th

Hordes Of Oreds - 20th

Kubb Newbs - 22nd

The Beers - 24th

Going Kubbmando - 25th

Queens of Kings - 26th

We Got Kubbies - 29th

Below are the round-by-round results:

2012 Fall Klassic - results.pdf 2012 Fall Klassic - results.pdf
Size : 145.909 Kb
Type : pdf

 The Kubb'd train keeps rolling...

Nice job Steph, Sue, & Steve on your T-5 finish at the Fox Valley Clash of Kubb last weekend. An 8-3 game record and a quarter-final finish is an awesome showing! 

DMK represents at

Nordic Fest in Decorah, IA


Baton Death March (Chris Hodges and Mike Larson)

2nd place


Kubb'd (Steve Feathers, Sue Feathers, and Dana Oredson)


The Final Four teams at Nordic Fest, 2012  

The best showing for the club at the 2012 US National Championship.



Team Knockerheads (Dobbie FeathersDwayne BallmerGrant Scott) – 2nd place

Kubb’d (Steve FeathersStephanie KidderDana Oredson) –Tied 5th

The Beers (Josh TapkenTyler WallaceMary Tapken, Mike Farrell) – Tied 9th

Inkubbus (Chris HodgesRob HoelscherJeremy Harpold) –Tied 9th

King Pin (Mike Larson, JP Larson) – Tied 9th

Pitch Slap (Tony HansenMike PedersenJohn Walker) – Tied 17th

Chicks with Sticks (Heather Woltz-BenzJaime Feathers, Amy Hansen, Jen OredsonMelissa Walker, Becky Hohenfeldt) – Tied 17th (Consolation) (Tied-1st in fun!)

Read story HERE

That is *FIVE* teams with DMK members in the Sweet 16, and Pitch Slap fought so hard and came so close to being a sixth. Two of those five made it to the Elite 8 & beyond, and if the luck of the draw hadn’t had Kubb’d and Inkubbus facing off in the round of 16 it might very well have been three.

FIVE teams earned a seed in next year’s bracket. FIVE teams from DMK will be waiting with hope & anxiety as their names are drawn at next year’s live drawing. FIVE.

We have all earned the right to be very proud of each other, and we’ve once again guaranteed that all of Kubbnation – the entire Kubb WORLD– knows what DMK stands for. 


Grumpy Old Kubbers Represent in

Mad City

Sue and Steve Feathers of Team Grumpy Old Kubbers tied for 5th place at the inagural Madison Midsommar Festival Tournament.

Congrats to Sue and Steve, who did the club proud with their showing. Another successful showing by Des Moines Kubb Club members!




Head Slap (that's one member of Knockerheads and one member of Pitch Slap) took the title at the second largest Kubb tournament outside of Europe, taking on some of the most well-respected names in Kubbnation along the way:

Fox Valley Kubb Snipers (2012 MN Winter Lakes Loppett Champs)
The Ringers (2010 National Champs and defending 2011 Rockford Champs)
Tad Kubbler (2011 Dallas Oktoberfest Champs).

Way to bring the noise fellas. Congrats on a great showing!


DMK also took the largest team in club history to the tournament - the 7 player monster went by the name of Kubbacca and roared wookie battle cries on a 10-0 run to the quarter-finals where their bounty was collected by The Ringers.

The third member of the Des Moines delegation was Kubb'd, who also acquitted themselves well finishing tied for 9th.

All-in-all, another very successful outing for the Des Moines Kubb club.
Don't forget to read Rockford Champion, Tony Hansen's breakdown of the day.


Congratulations to Des Moines Kubb on placing 4th and 5th at the Minnesota Winter Kubb Tournament

Final Standings:

Los Padres (Chris Hodges and Grant Scott) – 4th Place

Team Fjadrar (Steve and Josh Feathers) – T-5th Place

Read the detailed story here


May 2012

 Spring Kubb Adult League

skål (int) - a Scandinavian toast of friendship and goodwill which may be offered when drinking, sitting down to eat, or before playing a game of kubb.

Des Moines Kubb will be hosting the 2nd Annual 2012 Kubb League, which will begin April 1st, continuing for 7 weeks.

This is a fun and friendly environment, with teams ‘scrambled’ each night, giving everyone a chance to win.

Cost: $6.00 a night, or $30.00 for a Season Pass (a $12.00 savings)

Location/Time: Tower Park - 4900 Hickman Road 1:30 registration; games begin promptly at 2:00 p.m.

Format: DMKC ‘Scrambler’ format. You will be paired with a different partner and different opponents each game, but individual stats are recorded. This format is great for mixing it up and meeting new people.

Scoring: Points are measured individually, and there will be a nightly winner. Additionally, all points you score each night are accrued to determine a “league champion.” Standings will be available online.

Sunday, April 1st
Saturday, April 7th
Sunday, April 15th
Sunday, April 22nd
Sunday, April 29th
Sunday, May 6th
Saturday, May 12th

Prizes: Cash for the nightly winner, and a donated prize for the league champion.
For more information on league contact us


September 2011

Congratulations to Des Moines Kubb on winning 1st Place at the Des Moines Kubb 2011 Fall Kubb Klassic


That's right, DMK's own Josh Feathers with team Knockerheads took first place. Way to go Des Moines Kubb Members!

DMKC Teams placing at the 2011 Des Moines Kubb Fall Kubb Klassic:

Knockerheads - 1st

Kubb'd - T-5th

Ringers - T-5th

The Beers - T-8th

4,5,6 Pickup Stix - 9th

Animal Lifeline - 10th

Pitch Slap - 14th

Kubbalicious - 16th

Team Madhouse - 19th

Detailed information on the tournament

can be found here 

July 2011


Congratulations Knockerheads!!!

Des Moines Kubb's own Josh Feathers and Dwayne Balmer (Dob & D) just won the U.S. National Kubb Championship!!!! 

...and the rest of the club didn't do too shabby either - final results:


The Beers (Josh Tapken and Tyler Wallace) - 3rd Place (2nd Consolation Bracket)

Night of the living Kubb (Mary Tapken and Doug Hammond) - T-17th

Pitch Slap (Tony Hansen and Mike Pedersen) - T-17th

Kubb'd (Steve Feathers and Steph Kidder) - T-9th

The Ringers (Aaron and Dave Ellringer) - T-9th

Kubbolutionaries (Chris Hodges and Rob Hoelscher) - T-5th

Knockerheads (Josh Feathers and Dwayne Ballmer) - 2011 U.S. National Kubb Champions! 

May 2011

Congratulations to Des Moines Kubb on winning 1st Place at the Rockford, IL Swedish Historical Society's 2011 Kubb Tournament.


That's right, DMK's own Dave Ellringer with The Ringers took first place. Chris Hodges and Josh Feathers partnered to take 3rd, putting DMK in two of the top three teams. Way to go Des Moines Kubb Members!

DMKC Teams placing at the SHS 2011 Kubb Tournament at Rockford, IL:

The Ringers - 1st

Run DMK - 3rd

Team Brandy T-9th

Kubbalicious T-17th

Detailed information on the tournament

can be found here 

Feb. 2011

Results: Winter Kubb Klassic

Congratulations to the Winter Kubb Scrambler winner, Rob H., holding the most coveted trophy in Kubb. Chris Hodges (right) took 2nd place, and Jon Rudisill (left) took 3rd. More pictures available here. 

The Winter Kubb Klassic (a.k.a Ice Kubb) is an annual members-only tournament, preferably played on ice (too warm this year), and is run using the Scrambler format. Members play to get their name engraved on the rotating 'Stanley Cup King Trophy' (and bragging rights).


Winter Kubb Klassic tournament

Oct. 2010

The Des Moines Kubb Fall Kubb Klassic of 2010 raised $609.00 for the Friends of Iowa CASA  

 The first open 2010 Fall Kubb Klassic has come and gone. The tournament raised over $600.00, benefiting the Iowa CASA Program. A special thanks to all our sponsors, and a congrats to all our silent auction winners.

We had 14 teams show up for this years tournament, playing in a Swiss Style format of 5 rounds, with the top 8 moving on to an elimination bracket.


1st Place: Team Knockerheads

2nd Place: Team Madhouse

3rd Place: Team Unky and The Beautiful Butterflies

4th Place: Down The Kubbs

The Silent Auction was a major success. Here are the results:

QuickPitch Kubb Field Marking System (donated by DMKC):            $15.00

Handmade Kubb -Playin' Viking Helmet (donated by DMKC):            $20.00

Gift Basket for a Kitty-Cat (donated by Animal LifeLine of Iowa):   $32.00

Gift Basket for a Puppy-Dog (donated by Animal Lifeline of Iowa):  $40.00

Craftsman Cribbage Set from Kreager's Workbench:                       $45.00

Handmade Kubb Set: Locust w/ Purpleheart inlays:                      $120.00 

(donated on behalf of Des Moines Adult Hockey's ABC League)

Handmade Kubb Set: Cherry with Curly Maple                              $165.00 (donated by Arends Production Services)

Check out photos of the event here. The winners below:

Above, 3rd Place Team Unky (AKA: The Butterflies)                                 

(Stephanie Kidder, Abby Norton, and Steve Feathers)

Below, 2nd Place Team Madhouse                                                             

(Miguel "Miggy" Ramirez, Jon Rudisill)

At the bottom, 1st Place Team Knockerheads                                                             

(Josh "Dobbie" Feathers, Dwayne "D" Ballmer)


1st Place - Fall Kubb Klassic
2nd - Team Madhouse

 Team Knockerheads                          Team Madhouse

3rd Place - DMKC Fall Klassic

 The Butterflies

July 2010: Congratulations to Team Da Beers, (Tyler Wallace, left, Josh Tapken, right) shown above. Playing the best of the worst, Da Beers finished 2nd place in the rigorous consolation bracket at the 2010 U.S. Nationals.  

Dricka öl och kasta trä "


The Beers - U.S. National Kubb Consolation Winners
2013 Fall Kubb Klassic - results.pdf 2013 Fall Kubb Klassic - results.pdf
Size : 113.376 Kb
Type : pdf
2012 Fall Klassic - results.pdf 2012 Fall Klassic - results.pdf
Size : 117.757 Kb
Type : pdf
WinterScramblerResults2012.pdf WinterScramblerResults2012.pdf
Size : 275.188 Kb
Type : pdf
2011 DMK Fall Kubb Klassic Results.pdf 2011 DMK Fall Kubb Klassic Results.pdf
Size : 118.925 Kb
Type : pdf
WinterScramblerResults2011.pdf WinterScramblerResults2011.pdf
Size : 1148.263 Kb
Type : pdf
2010 Klassic Results.pdf 2010 Klassic Results.pdf
Size : 1627.383 Kb
Type : pdf

2012 Fall Kubb Klassic Tournament Sponsors

Presented By:

Sponsored By: 

2012 Fall Kubb Klassic Sponsor
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