SKAL 2011 came to a close much like the 2011 U.S. National Championship - later (and darker) than anticipated. Grant Scott emerged the Champion with 4 weekly wins. I came in second place without a single weekly win, and Dobbie placed third with two wins. The only week that wasn't won by Grant or Dobbie came in week two when Dobbie was out of town and my Dad hit a hot streak. We learned a lot in this inaugural season, and will put those lessons to good use in SKAL Season 2!

Week 7 finishes:

Grant: 12
Chris: 10
Dobbie: 9
Miggy: 8
Horhey: 7
Mary: 6
Jon: 5

Final Season Standings:

Grant: 66
Chris: 60
Dobbie: 56
Jon: 45
Miggy: 37
Steve: 36
Mike: 21
Tony: 15
Mark: 11
Mary: 11
Jerry: 10
Andre: 9
John: 7
Horhey: 7
Heather: 7
Tom: 6
Ben: 5

Congratulations Grant, you played a heck of a season. I look forward to taking this title away from you next year (when SKAL becomes the SPRING Kubb Adult League!)