Last Saturday DMK arrived at the Dallas Oktoberfet Kubb Tournament with one team of three (Mary, Horhey, and me) as well as our dedicated, last minute supporters Steve & Sue who decided to make the trip Friday afternoon. With four players coming we asked Eric if we could have the first alternate spot, and luckily for us there was a no-show so Mary & I played as Kubbacca per our original plan and Horhey & Steve merged "The Beers" with "Kubb'd" to form "The Beards" (If you think that's clever you can credit me with thinking of it - if you think it's stupid you can blame them for listening!)

We had four solid players from the core of our club (three of us with our names on the club trophy) but for some reason we never really got clicking. Not to take anything away from teams that beat us (it was a very tough field), but it was clear to all of us that we weren't playing up to our averages, let alone our potentials. I remember several times making eye contact across the pitches and just shaking our heads in disbelief. Several rounds of only one hit - or none - and too many king misses. We combined for only 7 wins and 13 losses, all of us eliminated in the second round of the consolation bracket after getting first round byes. The real sting came from the fact that none of us could figure out why - we were well rested, sober (until eliminated of course - we WERE at Oktoberfest, at a brewery, in Wisconsin), decently practiced... it just wasn't our day I guess.

Our bafflingly poor performances aside, the day was a blast. It was a great group, including tournament directors from Des Moines, the Twin Cities, Appleton, Madison, Eau Claire, and the Chippewa Valley League. The atmosphere was competitive but friendly, and the venue was second to none. Spending the day with people who love the game as much as we do was worth the trip, and we will definitely be going back.

Word is it will be a six-player format next year, and it's generating a lot of interest from a lot of different clubs. I get the feeling this "little" tournament is going to turn into one of the must-attend events in Midwest Kubb. See you there next October!