So I essentially took December off from kubb. Sorry kubb; I won't let it happen again. Lots of travel, work requirements, family time, and holiday kept me away from the website, the rules, and my kubb duties.

I was able to manage to get one game in so far this winter. Under the moon-lit night and the radiant glow of a propane latern, my Tony and I felt the wrath of Uncle Steve and his minions, KML and Matty J. With 4 of their 5 baselines down (and our line unscathed) we managed to still get defeated. I blame the cold.

The only other relevant item of note was that my shipment of ash came in. While the wood was a little rough around the edges, I think we can make it work. I just need some warm weather so I can begin making sawdust. (please note the 'yule log' I had planned on making a king out of but decided against it - laziness)

2011 Tournaments I am aware of (links to the event info):

Des Moines Kubb Winter Scrambler
Des Moines, IA - Rescheduled to Feb. 16th

 North West Minnesota Winter Indoor Kubb Tournament
Thief River Falls, MN - Feb. 16th
Eau Claire, WI - July 8th