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Variant - Four to Start

Posted by The Kubbmaster General on Wednesday, January 19, 2011, In : Variants 
By competition rules the first team to throw uses all 6 Batons (unless they topple all 5 Base Kubbs with their first 5 Batons) and this is considered by some players to be too much of an advantage (the Kubbmaster General included). “Four to Start” limits the opening team to only throwing 4 batons on the first turn, with each team throwing all 6 thereafter. In most social games or games amongst beginning players the extra two batons probably won't make that much difference, but at higher l...
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Kubbnation Vol. 1

Posted by Josh Feathers on Saturday, January 15, 2011,
Take a look. A great write-up on Des Moines Kubb, interview with player on 10-time World Champion Team Ekeby, and history of Eau Claire Kubb:

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A month off, some tournament dates, and ice kubb

Posted by Josh Feathers on Tuesday, January 11, 2011,
So I essentially took December off from kubb. Sorry kubb; I won't let it happen again. Lots of travel, work requirements, family time, and holiday kept me away from the website, the rules, and my kubb duties.

I was able to manage to get one game in so far this winter. Under the moon-lit night and the radiant glow of a propane latern, my Tony and I felt the wrath of Uncle Steve and his minions, KML and Matty J. With 4 of their 5 baselines down (and our line unscathed) we managed to still get de...
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