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2011 Fall Kubb Klassic

Posted by Chris Hodges on Wednesday, September 28, 2011, In : Tournament 

The 2011 Des Moines Kubb Fall Kubb Klassic was our sophomore year, and by every measure it was a resounding success. We had double the participation of last year and raised more than twice as much money for our sponsored charity, Animal Lifeline of Iowa.


We started Friday night at Felix & Oscar's and had a great time with a lot of our club members attending to mingle with a few of our traveling teams. Grant was awarded his SKAL Championship shirt and we talked shop with Sweden's Sons an...

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2011 Summer Kubb Adult League comes to a close

Posted by Chris Hodges on Saturday, September 17, 2011, In : SKAL 
SKAL 2011 came to a close much like the 2011 U.S. National Championship - later (and darker) than anticipated. Grant Scott emerged the Champion with 4 weekly wins. I came in second place without a single weekly win, and Dobbie placed third with two wins. The only week that wasn't won by Grant or Dobbie came in week two when Dobbie was out of town and my Dad hit a hot streak. We learned a lot in this inaugural season, and will put those lessons to good use in SKAL Season 2!

Week 7 finishes:

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SKAL!!! (Week 6 Results)

Posted by Josh Feathers on Saturday, September 10, 2011, In : SKAL 
Very competitive games tonight at a venue none of us really fell in love with. The Summer Concert Series at Jasper was great, but unWINEd at Gray's Lake just isn't a good match for us. We had some walk-by traffic and we got a few new players interested in the game, but we couldn't get very close to the event and the wind coming in off the lake was pretty fierce. Next week we're finishing the Summer Kubb Adult League at Cup O' Kryponite, home of the 2010 Fall Kubb Klassic (not to mention our v...
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SKAL!!! (Week 5 Results)

Posted by Chris Hodges on Saturday, September 3, 2011, In : SKAL 
Due to a late start and sunset coming earlier and earlier we weren't able to run a full 8-player schedule and had to settle for a series of 4-player scramblers - only made it through 5 rounds, and struggled to get that. Grant continues to dominate with his accuracy on the sticks, and with the change to the three player format at Nationals next year I think he will be a highly sought-after free agent this off season.  With only two weeks remaining, he may just have the 2011 title in the bag......
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SKAL!!! (Week 4 Results)

Posted by Chris Hodges on Thursday, September 1, 2011, In : SKAL 

Sorry about the late update - join us tomorrow night at Cup O' Kryptonite for Week 5!

Week 4 Results:

Grant : 10
Dobbie : 9
Mike : 8
John : 7
Chris : 6
Miggy : 5

Season Standings:

Grant : 36
Chris : 32
Dobbie : 29
Miggy : 22
Mike : 21
Jon : 20
Tony : 15
Steve : 14
Mark : 11
Jerry : 10
John : 7
Tom : 6
Ben : 5

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