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Kubb Rules Breakdown #1: The kubbadox

Posted by Josh Feathers on Saturday, June 16, 2012,
The issue with overlapping footprints:

The ability in the Midwest is amazing, especially in the last year regarding drilling kubbs. We are getting to a point where good groups are common in tournaments, and sometimes the U.S. National Ruleset doesn't cover a specific scenario. One such scenario came up recently at the Rockford 2012 tournament, and it brought with it some great international discussion regarding the very interesting and (on the other hand) very irksome kubb arrangement.

In the e...
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Des Moines Kubb started in 1965!

Posted by Josh Feathers on Saturday, June 9, 2012, In : History 
Recently in the vaults of the small brick and mortar building where we run all the Des Moines Kubb business from, we recently came across a Super 8. Not the hotels, but the old video cameras from 1965. Apparently, the beginnings of the Des Moines Kubb Club date back to the mid-sixties. See for yourself:


Well....not really. But I did get a few new iPad apps for kubbeotography. One is iSuper8, which allows you to render video into various editing packs, such as the Tru8 Film stock used above.


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The Rockford Experience

Posted by Tony Hansen on Sunday, June 3, 2012, In : Tournament 
-by Tony Hansen

Pitch 1 & 2 at the Rockford SHS Tournament

I had been looking forward to playing in the Rockford 2012 tourney since I missed going in 2011.  While sad the other half of Pitch Slap couldn't come, I was thrilled Dobbie was able to partner up with me.  I always enjoy playing kubb with him and knew the tournament was a fun one to boot. 

On the drive to Rockford, we chatted about the possible strong teams we may encounter and tried to predict the seedings in bracket play.  I think...

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