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Posted by Josh Feathers on Monday, October 8, 2012, In : Road Trips 
On the ride back from Dallas, WI, we were pointing and lauging at Steve Feathers, who currently holds the record for T-5 titles at North American kubb tournaments. We started wondering if 5 was just his number:

Hold record for most T-5's (self-proclaimed)
Currently holds #5 in the DMK ladder rankings
55 years old
5 Grandchildren
Parents had 5 children
Hit 5 baseline kubbs in one round against FVK
Left for Dallas on October 5th with 5 People in a car that has 5 tires (inc. spare)
Parents had 5 childre...
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Uff-Da Fest

Posted by Josh Feathers on Monday, October 1, 2012, In : Tournament 
This was no tournament of gnats. This was the real deal.

And Jaime and I competed well.

Here was the final 4 teams, and their specific awards:

KingPin (JP, John and Matt)

2nd Fall Kubb Klassic 2011
4th Fall Kubb Klassic 2012
2 years of experience at Nationals.

Dark Side of the Kubbsicles: (Mark and Luke)

Clash of Kubb Champions
2012 US National Champion driller
2011 US Nationals - 3rd place
3-6 years combined  US Nationals experience

Goofy Kubbers (Evan and Braden)

2nd Place Fall Kubb Klassic
Clash of K...

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