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SKAL!!! (Week 4 Results)

Posted by Chris Hodges on Monday, April 29, 2013, In : SKAL 

What a beautiful day to play some Kubb in the park! The nice weather brought out quite a few passers-by that were interested in learning about the game. We love sharing the game!

We're halfway through the season, and it's really starting to look like a three horse race with Doug, Grant, and Steve within 5 points of each other and a dozen points ahead of the pack...

Week 4 Results:

1. Grant : 10
2. Doug : 9
3. Chris : 8
4. Steve : 7
5. Mary : 6
6. Jaime : 5

Standings After Week 4:

1. Doug : 37
2. Grant :...
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SKAL!!! (Week 3 Results)

Posted by Josh Feathers on Saturday, April 20, 2013, In : SKAL 

Beautiful day for some Kubb in the park - let's hope the weather holds for the season kick-off pot-luck tomorrow!

Week 3 Results:

1. Dobbie : 10
2. Steve : 9
3. Doug : 8
4. Jaime : 7
5. Melissa : 6
6. Mary : 5

Standings After Week 3:

1. Doug : 28
2. Steve : 25
3. Grant : 24
4. Melissa : 15
5. Jaime : 14
6. Chris : 12
7. Tony : 11
8. Dobbie : 10
8. Mary : 10
10. John : 9
11. Dana : 7
12. Sandy : 6
12. Ross : 6
14. Abbey : 5

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SKAL!!! (Week 2 Results)

Posted by Chris Hodges on Sunday, April 14, 2013, In : SKAL 

A very gusty day in the park didn't keep us from another successful week of SKAL! With 9 players we play the largest schedule allowed by rule (9 rounds), as if we hit 10 players we split into two schedules with a playoff. 9 twenty minute rounds is a three-hour play time, and it felt a little long towards the end! The wind was brutal, changing speed and direction without notice, and everybody struggled to string together 8m hits. All-in-all, an afternoon of Kubb in the park is nothing to compl...
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SKAL!!! (Week 1 Results)

Posted by Chris Hodges on Sunday, April 7, 2013, In : SKAL 

The season kicked off at Tower park on a warm (if somewhat overcast and breezy) Spring day.  Grant and Doug both entered the fourth round undefeated, giving up only a single base kubb apiece in the first three rounds. They continued a shootout for the rest of the afternoon, facing off in the 7th and final round with a half of a game separating them. In the end Grant showed why he carries the #1 tag, but we've got to hand it to Doug - he hasn't thrown a baton in months but he showed up and pla...
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Des Moines Kubb Team Restructure Changes Finalized

Posted by Horhey Pachelli on Monday, April 1, 2013, In : Tournament 

After 2 long months of deliberation between team captains, and the Des Moines Kubb Board Members, the 2013 teams have been renamed and restructured to accomodate the changing landscape of Kubb Country, USA.

Here is a breakdown of the restructure:

Team Knockerheads will adopt the team name: The Wringers
The Beers will now be Wolfpact
Pitch Slap will play as Kubb Sickles
Los Padres will now be known as Sweden Suns
Head Slap will be Thad Kubbler
Chicks with Sticks is now Kingpen
Kubb'd will now be the T...
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