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Kubb Sets to Afghanistan

Posted by Melissa Walker on Tuesday, May 21, 2013, In : Charity 
To honor and to thank our Iowa servicemen and women and to spread the game of kubb, Des Moines Kubb members decided to donate and send two kubb sets to our troops who are currently serving overseas. We wanted to give our troops a chance to learn the game and hopefully, to provide them with a fun, new activity to do during some of their down time.

(The kick-off crew. Photo taken by DMK member Rose Field)
DMK members and their children painted the sets during our season kick-off April 21st. We t...

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A Child Life Experience

Posted by Kristy Hoelscher on Monday, September 10, 2012, In : Charity 

I didn’t even know the Child Life Council (or just “Child Life,” as it’s more commonly called) existed, until I needed them.

Last fall, my youngest child, Finn, suffered a life-threatening skull fracture.  It’s all so vivid still... the accident, the blood, the trip the hospital.  I thought he needed a just a few stitches, but I was still horrified by the amount of blood he lost and the task of keeping him awake on the way to the hospital (I was pretty sure that’s what you’re s...

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