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Posted by Josh Feathers on Monday, October 8, 2012, In : Road Trips 
On the ride back from Dallas, WI, we were pointing and lauging at Steve Feathers, who currently holds the record for T-5 titles at North American kubb tournaments. We started wondering if 5 was just his number:

Hold record for most T-5's (self-proclaimed)
Currently holds #5 in the DMK ladder rankings
55 years old
5 Grandchildren
Parents had 5 children
Hit 5 baseline kubbs in one round against FVK
Left for Dallas on October 5th with 5 People in a car that has 5 tires (inc. spare)
Parents had 5 childre...
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Have Baton, Will Travel: Part 2

Posted by Steve Feathers on Friday, August 3, 2012, In : Road Trips 

Earlier this year I decided to go to as many kubb tournaments as I could. The first hurdle to overcome was getting my wife, Sue Feathers, to bless this endeavor since she would be travelling with me and being my co-pilot as we drove around the Midwest. I shouldn’t have been surprised but I was when she quickly agreed. The only tournament she wasn’t in for was Minnesota Kubb's Loppet in February (she really doesn’t like the cold).


The second challenge was determining which tournamen...

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Have Baton, Will Travel

Posted by Chris Hodges on Saturday, January 14, 2012, In : Road Trips 
We got to talking the other day about how much traveling our club did in 2011 - how far we went, and how many people we brought with us. Dob put together a little visual aid:

All together that's over 18,600 miles! Dwayne Ballmer from Leavenworth putting in the most, racking up over 2,400 miles alone in 2011.

We're on pace to beat this mark already, sending 4 members up to the Minnesota Kubb Loppet Winter Tournament in February. Think we can hit 20k in 2012?

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