Today was all about the swag. I got a sneak peek at the R2-Kubb2 shirts and they are pretty badass. I also got the first proof on the Fall Kubb Klassic shirts and we intend to release the design shortly after Nationals. I cannot say enough about this year's design; I think it is top 1 or 2 that we have done so far. Mary keeps finding ways to kill it on the Fall tournament shirts. Additionally, Jaime and I made some shirts today using some pretty high quality transfer paper. And I had to choose kubb shirts for the tour that starts tomorrow. I need a system on how to choose kubb shirts to wear; it's currently random now.

This was my last day of work before the vacation starts and it seemed to last forever. I got on the social media only a few times during the day. I really wanted to just hit F5 over and over to see if anything new popped up. I wanted to be out practicing, and I wanted to start the vacation early with a Sour Ale. I trudged on, and now my out of office is set. I usually just put in my out of office that I will respond to emails end of day, but I changed that this time. It says "Good luck, and call my co-workers instead." Hell yes.

Got off of work, threw on some white trash swag, and went in the backyard (in the 101 degree heat index) and worked on the drill. I'm hoping to have a short video put together on a quest I have been working on, and I was hoping to be successful before Nationals. Well, I didn't get the job done, and the shorty will have to wait till after Nationals. Here is a sample group from my endeavors today:

Jaime had practice setup with her team so 2 of the 3 Knockerheads decided to crash the party. We setup 2 pitches at Harps' and played some scrimmage. The girls were doing the same. Team Harps vs. Team Knockerheads got us a real opponent and was refreshing after scrimmaging Dobbie/Chris for an hour. I would have never said this last year, but 3 batons just doesn't feel right. 2 is just right.

If you are a kubb team that is looking for hardware, and you do not spend team time on the pitch scrimmaging (playing yourselves each turn) you are missing out on a big opportunity to elevate your game. Not the part of the game that involves throwing stuff, standing stuff up, or any of that. The biggest thing I see in the scrimmage for a team is chemistry, timing, sensing non-verbals, and creating a common language. This is a big part (in my opinion) of our success this year. We have some talent, but when one of us is dragging, we can sense that, and get them back in the game. Scrimmages and spending time off the pitch with your team is a big part of why I think we are successful. All the work on throwing, drilling, and king shots/hits can be done in the backyard by yourself.

Now is time for some sleep, if I can get any. Everything is packed. Everything ready to be put in the back of Tony's Subaru. Tomorrow begins the adventure. Late lunch with the Minnesota crew (that may end up turning into early Happy Hour), a Harriet Brewery tour, and a stop at the Indeed Taproom.