We got off to a bright and early start heading north on I-35. Somehow, we were able to fit all our stuff into the back of the Subaru. I would have lost the bet if any one would have said "10 bucks says we can fit it all in the back of the Subaru." Luckily, nobody said that, because I would have lost. It fit. Gas saved: $50.00 a couple. BAM!

Dexter rode with us for half the trip. Dexter is Tony and Amy's little dog, and he was excited to be a part of our trip. Normally, Dexter drools everywhere, but with a little (in airquotes) "medication", he was just fine for the leg to the smallest farming town north of Story City. That's where Tony grew up. As we drove down the two blocks of Main Street, Tony would point at people at say things like "That's Mr. Tweetum. He's the editor of the paper here". Oh, and there's Mr. Misterpants! He was my boy scout leader." I'm pretty sure he was serious, but we all were laughing.

(Dexter, high on Benedryl)

After a quick stop at the most Iowan farm I've been to, we made our way more North to pick up some Pitch Slap dri-fit Tees in Mason City, IA. Tony traded these for upgrading resonators. At first I thought this was some sort of mechanic speak, but I soon learned it had to do with a game called Ingress, and it did not require a torque wrench. Weird.

(3 Pitch Slap jerseys for one L8 resonator? DEAL!)

After some Amish Friendship Bread, a full tank, and some disappointing and reassuring texts (all in one) from a good friend, we made our way to the Minnesota border. Minnesota: The state that has crazier booze laws than Kentucky.

First stop, The Happy Gnome. Late lunch/early happy hour. Met with the minds behind Planet Kubb. Can you believe they will be tweeting the entire Finals matach at the US National Kubb Championship LIVE via their new @planetkubblive twitter feed? Yes, and that is awesome. People for the first time anywhere in the world can essentially see/read the game unfold, turn by turn, through their feeds. Go to PlanetKubbLive and follow them for the finals this Sunday.

We also chatted about less important stuff. Vidar's .6 update to PK android app, Gnome beer recommendations, Tony's technical issues (PEBKAC error), and how to annotate a king loss via kubb throw (answer example: 4ie). I apparently ignored Jaime F. so much that she married Tony and Amy while I was talking kubb tech with Garrick and Jamie T. Oops.

(Mmmmmmmm. Gnomey.)

After the Gnome, we ran over to Harriet Breweing Company, and listened to one of the best record player setups known to man. Bob Dylan on vinyl through the amp, to the PA's. A pop here, and some analog waves there. Pure sound with a snap and a scratch, some deep bass, and tweeters working full force. With a great assortment of colorful art on the walls, and a large percentage of hemp bracelets and bearded patrons, the vibe was one that edged on hippy and blues. A place Frank Zappa would have a beer with Ben or Jerry.

(Chillin like Dylan)

Before the sadness of "open mic night" started we bugged out and headed over to Surly to get free stamps. We also dabbled in their beers, and partook (is that a word) in commerce by trading cash dollars for Surly Swag. The Cacoa Bender, Amy and I agreed, was the best thing so far that we have tasted. Coffee, chocolate, and vanilla all in one creamy, milky glass of dark deliciousness. As I stated on our Untappd application "If coffee and baby Jesus had a beer." Simply amazing. Amy suggested we come back tomorrow. I don't see why not.

(Free Surly stamp powers activate!)

After blasting out of Surly, we thought grabbing a sixer for the hotel would be the way to go. WRONG! Liquor stores close at 8:00 p.m. in the TC, which means we had to pay FULL PRICE at the hotel for Fat Tire. What a let down. We now know to hit the shop earlier and stock up. I suppose it's for the best....we have a full day tomorrow, including Rabbit and Rattlesnake Brats, Fulton Happy Hour, and (of course) weeding vinyl over some cans of something local (new, limited edition vinyl sneak peeks). Check back tomorrow for Day 4. The day I make Jaime try snake.