Breakfast, coffee, Hockey Giant, Ikea. That's how you start a morning in the Twin Cities. When you play beer league it goes without saying that you are going to stop at Hockey Giant and browse. Swag, sticks, skates, gear bags, and even hockey goals. The boys looked at it all. We bought nothing, but looked at everything, and the only shirts we really wanted were sold out. Stupid hockey.

(Tony trying on some $1,500.00 pads.)

Next was Ikea. What a workout! I felt like we walked 5 miles. That place is huge, and it felt like going from one terminal to another at O'Hare. I worked up an appetite, no doubt. And Jaime and I identified that we need to come back soon for things and stuff.

After the marathon at Ikea we stopped for a quick sandwich and grabbed some booze before the stores turned into pumpkins. We got some throwback Thursday Leinies, and some Bitter Neighbor. That will be great come Friday night at the soccer fields. Third on the agenda was Fulton for happy hour and we met up with Jake for a drink and some banter. I had the Sweet Child of Vine (amazing) and Jaime had the Lonely Blonde. A patch, a sticker, and Tony/Amy got a pint glass. Next stop: Indeed.

(The door shows we are in the right spot)

Indeed was hopping, what with the $2.00 off Happy Hour specials coupled with the delicious brew. The Shenanigans Summer Ale infused with pineapple and coconut was simply delicious. After a pint glass purchase from Tony and a patch from Dobbie, we headed out for dinner.

Rabbit, Rattlesnake, Pheasant, you name it. New Bohemia had it all in the name of bratwursts. A flight of beer, and a flight of wurst, and we were good. Jaime had the Jalapeno cheese brat, and I had the sampler with spicy kraut. Doesn't get much better than that.

(Double flight action at New Bohemia)

With bellies full, and kubb on the mind, we made our way to Painter Park where an intense Chaska v. MN Kubb game was in progress. We played a couples game and then mixed up teams for some 4 v 4 action. After that, we made it 6 v. 6, the way kubb is meant to be played. It was a great night, and the mosquitoes held off until the last game. I got to play with the MN crew and got to chat analysis with Phil about kubb standing. After some bartering with JP from, we packed up some kubb sets, and called it a night. Tomorrow begins an amazing day of Valkyrie brewery tours, kubb friendlies in EAU, and drinks at the Firehouse. See you then. 

("What'chall playin? Ya'll tryin' to hit over those dang logs with the nunchuks, then?")