As some of you know, and more will find out, I did a daily blog last year all during Championship Week. You can see last year's daily blog right here, and it's actually fun to look back and see all the stuff we did. Some may know that we generally go up early and stay late for the U.S. National Kubb Championship. It just seems appropriate to make one of the biggest kubb parties in the country a week-long event. There are plenty of breweries to hit along the way. Jaime and I coordinate an annual brewery tour for the week. This year, we even created a Facebook event and invited many of our kubb friends for beer, dinner, friendly games, and more beer. We start off on the tour this Wednesday.

For today, I'll update you all on the last month of U.S. National Kubb Championship related activities:


This has been a rough year for some teams. Shoulder to foot and anywhere in between, a few teams were left scrambling, while some others charged on with their shattered bones. Some years are like that, and you sometimes have to play banged up.

The Live Draw:

On June 29th, the U.S. National Kubb Championship hosted the 2nd annual Live Draw, which was open to anyone at Lazy Monk, and available live/online, to the hundreds of viewers. The World Cup does a live draw....I cannot think of any other sports that do this. Well, a crew of 4 adults and 2 kids from Des Moines made their way up for the event. We learned a lot, got to see old friends, and made some new friends along the way. It was a packed house at the Monk, and the after-party was so much fun. Will we be back next year? Of course!


It seems all of kubb country is practicing this week. I see tweets, photos, Facebook updates, everyone seems to be putting it all out there for this weekend. There will be teams that come from nowhere to take out top teams. There will be teams that are expected to make it to Sunday take 2nd in their group. If there is one thing about this years' tournament its that it is anyone's Sunday!

As for my team...we are feeling good. The chemistry is there, and that is important. We had a team dinner with our families last week, and we chatted about Friday night challenges. Chris and I are playing a ranked match tomorrow, and getting the last of our team practices in until Friday night.

DMK as a whole is feeling good. All our teams are solid, experienced, and battle-hardened. We are bringing 5 teams, over 20 players/participants, and we are playing as a club. I learned last year that you cheer your club on, no matter what. It's harder to do when they are playing each other for a Sunday spot, but you cheer on good plays, competitive spirit, and good natured jawing from baseline to baseline. We are hoping to win the first ever Nylund Sack Trophy for our club, and we are hoping to take the Inter-club Hammer home with us as well, care of Chaska Kubb. They will have something to say about that, of course.

Enjoy this week. It goes slow. Hopefully through this blog I can make it go a little faster.