So the idea here is to write each day leading up to the U.S National Kubb Championship. Here in Des Moines this is a pretty big week for our kubbers, full of social media participation, last minute practices, and coordination of getting more than 20 players to Eau Claire for a Saturday morning start. Some of us are starting the party early (like Jaime and I are), some are taking a few days off, and there are a few that have work and family commitments that only allow them a Friday departure. Some cannot make it, but will be cheering us on remotely, and have already penciled their calendars for 2013. 

On Saturday, we will all be ONE club rooting for each other, sharing in our pains of loss, and joys of winning. That is the magic of Nationals.

I fire the work PC up from home and spend most the morning making sure things are in order. I set up my out of the office and make sure all my "stuff" is ready for a week-long hiatus. Vacation truly starts Tuesday, but it takes a while just to get everything ready at work for that. Not that I'm important at work, I'm just over-organized. I also had a few training things that I had to get through (they were already overdue) but I will confess I also had another window open, doing some personal planning, during the coursework.

In the afternoon I went and got a haircut, and picked up some things from the craft store to finalize the Team Knockerheads shirts. Jaime had a few Chicks with Sticks errands to run as well, so we tag teamed the errands. I stopped out to Roberts to drop a few things off, and just so happened to time it so I could watch a ranked match.

  Tony was rocking the #8 tag, and he challenged Robert who was at #5. About 5 baselines into the first game thunder was heard from the distance. I haven't heard thunder for months...Iowa hasn't seen rain for many moons. It was refreshing to hear thunder, but the clouds looked goofy, and were swirling.  I was now on tornado watching duty; the cloud wall looked quite ominous, and Tony and Robert tried to finish the game, making quick decisions and throwing perhaps a little hastily in an attempt to stay dry. Dust filled the air first, as the dry earth and the heavy winds combined, then the rain came. In sheets. The girls retired from the deck to the shelter of the porch, as I hugged a wall to reduce the soak. The wind was so bad, kubbs thrown to the corner ended up dangerously close to the king. The game ended with a 2-0 victory for Tony, and it seemed that Roberts "home field advantage" (ask anyone, it's legendary) does not count in a monsoon.

(Tony: drenched with an advantage line)

Later that evening, we pack everything up, check our lists, and start moving some of it to the Jeep. We depart tomorrow, stopping at Clear Lake to drop the girls off at camp, then head to Minneapolis to begin our brewery and kubb filled vacation.