7:55 a.m.
The Jeep is loaded, and the kids are smushed in like sardines. We don't have room for a cooler, but I have been wanting to get a new monster cooler for a while, so we will be shopping for one on the road (once the kids free up some space.) We are dropping them off at camp, and with them the 3 bags of stuff they need for camp.

Back to the cooler....the cooler decision is important. I need one with wheels, that is a requirement. I need one with the ability to be modded with lights (this is important for "adult halloween"). I should probably explain...On beggars night (which is a completely different night than Halloween), the kids in Des Moines go beg for candy. Apparently beggars night is a Des Moines invention, and nowhere else calls it that, nor changes the date from Halloween. Anyway, on that night, we allow the kids to come with us. They dress up, we dress up, and we take a cooler with us as the kids go candy-get.  Open container can go to hell on adult Halloween. We share with the neighbors, the kids ride the cooler, and we are all happy!

So the cooler has a few requirements...and one is that it must fit with us on the way home, have wheels, and it must have the ability to add ceiling lighting for use at night. Perhaps we will go cooler shopping tomorrow.

4:00 p.m.
I don't give the Twin Cities enough credit. It's actually a big-ass city, and the roads at 4:00 p.m. are almost impossible. What should have taken 11 minutes on google maps ends up taking more than half an hour. But we finally arrive and park behind the cutest yellow mini. It has a kubb sticker. I must be at the right place. Painter Park Open Kubb. Minneapolis. Hell Yeah!

Quick reminder here:
Jaime (i before m = my wife)
Jamie (m before i = not my wife)

Okay, continuing.... 

I introduce myself and Jaime to Jamie Thinglestad, who introduces Jaime and I to Garrick VB and Josh. Anders T is there as well, and it brings back some haunting memories of the 2011 Fall Kubb Klassic. Anders and Eric G (Georgia Dental Ass'n) dominated the K-heads in a 2-0 match win in less than 15 minutes. "Will I see this guy again Sunday?" goes through my head as I shake his hand, and I get a butterfly in my gut. Anders is a great guy with a great shot, and Josh and Anders have been scoring a match they have been playing (which is awesome). Here's the code:

(All I know is that an open cube with a left-green dot in a happy face means "the kubb was tickled". Crazy cool!)

These PlanetKubb guys are building a scoring system that will get a lot of attention on Saturday. I cannot wait to see some of their stats. We discussed making an infograph on this information. In our spare time, of course.

A bit later JP Larson and his crew show up, looking for some practice. Watching JP play, I noticed something. In the offseason, he has switched from long side inkasting to short side. And you know what, he is pretty damn good too. There was some "Group G" chatting going on, as KingPin (JP's team) and Jake Freeberg from Bork3 were both there. Amazingly enough, the Kubbchucks (Jamie/Garrick/Josh?) are in a group with Tad Kubbler. Good healthy discussion about kicking who's butt was provided. Good times.

So Jake F and I partnered to play against Garrick and Jamie. Jaime (my rockstar) grabbed some video to PROVE it to the world. Come Saturday, keep an eye on this team....below are some highlights from our game. While the Jake/Dobbie team beat the Kubbchucks, we had some favorable bounces that kept us in the game. Take a look:

Clip 1: Kubbchucks win the toss and we go for the unblinding side
Clip 2: Features Jamie's drills. Note the long side strategy. Cool!
Clip 3: Clutch finesse. Last baton - last field!
Clip 4: Dobbie fail, but Jake takes the reins, tags the punishment, then the baseline, then the ki....oops!
Clip 5: Garrick drilling. This is a new technique, which I'll dub "far side" drilling. Look where he is standing. Lefties. Gah!
Clip 6: Another clutch field play by Jamie
Clip 7: Dobbie stirring up dust
Clip 8: Jake killing the king.

Cole Vyrens of Tad Kubbler showed up as well, and some other elite Minnesota players. We got a few games going at once, as Jaime, Jake, and I take on JP and his crew. MAJOR talent coming from these guys, and JP brings the pain.

After an unsettling 1st game where a king may (or may not) have been killed before it should have, we try to recover in game 2, but our will has been broken. One kubb left behind creates the advantage they need to take us down. Patting the dust off our shoulders (literally, the ground was dry) we shake hands and head out for dinner.

(off-topic, but important - bikes are a generally safe and simple method of transportation)

We eat at the Crooked Pint Ale house, which sports a Bison Meatloaf I had to try. After a Surly and a Frontier brew, the meal comes and it's great. Service was quick, and we have time to book back to the hotel for a dip in the pool. Pools are great unless their are kids, and overall, the pool was 1 over 0 kid-free, which was fine.

The alarm is set for 8:00 a.m., and some much needed rest is overdue, after I hit save.

To the Minnesota crew that welcomed us with open arms.....thanks a ton for the tosses!