Woke up early and checked my email and got some news from home. My Uncle Steve from Team Kubb'd sent me a note:


Dob, Coordinated bringing "stuff" to Nationals with Chris Hodges.
Canopies - check
Coolers - check
Banners - check
Chairs - check
Water jug - check

Just hope the van gets out of the shop in time for the trip to Nationals. What I hoped was an inexpensive and easy fix has turned into a $700 plus repair. However, if the A/C isn't working the van is staying at home and we are taking a rental car OR at least that's what Sue says.

I'm pumped for the trip, the competition, and the ineraction with old friends and new. Why does the space time continuum slow down when you get close to an event and then speeds up during the event. I wonder?

Painful is the maintenance of cars, and at the end, he has a point. The week is taking forever, which in actuality, is a good thing. I suppose taking a vacation right before something you are looking forward to, and a little nervous about, is a good thing! It's lasting longer than expected. Swiggity.

Grabbed food and got on the road, heading to Steven's Point Brewery. From Minneapolis, we were looking at about 3 hours on the road. But leaving early does have its benefits. For example....

...we were able to stop in Eau Claire to do some scouting. Nobody at the Soccer Fields....good! Drove up Hogeboom Ave. and was hoping to catch Team Kubboom off-guard, but nobody was practicing....good! Checked the lawn for dead spots in the grass from continual drilling practice and couldn't find any....good!

All was quiet on Championship Hill, so Jaime and I went to work tagging "DMK" with red spray paint all over the neighborhood. This was all in good fun, so please don't get too offended if your garage is "prettied" up with some spray paint.

(scouting Hogeboom in the Kubb Capital)

After the short detour, we got back on the road, with Steven's Point in sight. Second Stop: Department Store. For what? A cooler silly.

During lunch, we got a text from Amy (CwS) and Tony (Pitch Slap), and we met up on our search for a cooler. We grabbed a cooler, some other stuff, and Tony cut the crap out of some vinyl in the hotel lobby, and we got some glass cleaner for the application, which went on quite easily. We then made our way to the brewery, in a fairly straight line, as the GPS apparently is possessed. "Recalculating: make a legal U-turn every 5 minutes. Thank you."

(limited edition "Holy WOW" stickers. Get yours at Nationals from the DMK tent)

The smell of malt and fermenting yeast in a brewery...some hate it and some like it. The kids on the tour looked like they were going to barf, as Tony and I put our noses in the air to take in the ripe and sickening sweet smells of the fermentation floor. Pretty cool place, and the tour is neat. I was interested to find out they do a lot of contracting of beer as well (Fulton's, Capital, O'Fallon, etc.) Keeps the lights on in these hard times, I suppose.

(These knees are pointy)

(the deer is awesome)

The sampling room was pretty sweet. It reminded me of something my Uncle Jim would have in his basement. After getting lubed up on freebies, we went back and bought a few necesseties, including a 24 pack of "special" (for that new cooler, of course).

I got a sneak peek at the Pitch Slap team shirts. All I can say is "best mind yo manners, foo!" cause these shirts are abusive, son!

We grabbed dinner at the Hill Top Bar n' Pub (their front door is an old vintage Beer Vat). New Glarus on tap along with MudPuppy Stout...nice! Fish dinners for most, and beer battered fries. Darn good. We then made our way to the O'so taproom to try their flights. Aside from the horrible service, the beer was good. Nitro Stout and Hopdingler come to mind as being delicions. The girls had New Glarus Raspberry Tart, which they thourougly enjoyed. Not bad for bad bartending.

The sun was setting, so we jotted over to the park to setup a pitch, roll up our sleeves, and get to work. After many tosses of work, we got paid! The king fell, and a winner was congradulated. Chicks with Sticks retire to the hot-tub, and Tony and I play "toss the kubbs to the corner" for an hour. Interestingly, we had a situation that had us both stumpted. Hopefully Eric A. (or someone else) can assist, but here's the deal, in video form:

My gut says they would both be down, but man, that's a hard call. Interested to see what you all think. I may have to add this one to ask.planetkubb.com

Now the day is done, and tomorrow we plan to hit a few wineries for the Chicks and grab some squeaky cheese on our way back to Eau Claire. After today's tom-foolery in town, I'd be surprised if we aren't met at the city line and asked to head back the way we came. I suppose we will find out tomorrow.