Okay boys and girls. This is going to be quick. Tomorrow is a big day.

My phone blew up, and I wasn't able to post a few of the pictures I wanted from Day 4, so here they are:

(Team Kubbom, with their secret mystery 4th player)

(Lazy monk. Or lazy blogger that can't rotate clockwise)

Slept like crap last night and for once the alarm wakes me up. Tomorrow is go-time, and I'm anxious to get to the soccer park to work on some drilling. I leave Tony in the dust as I grab a banana, and a coffee and make a beeline for Pitch 1 (well, where I think pitch 1 may be setup)

Sodukubb is already at it, practicing like stars. I'll be rooting for this team, as they understand Kubb, in it's most purest form, is simple math. Good sodukubb!

I setup 2 pins, 4 meters apart, and act like I know what I'm doing. Truth is, I am nervous, the grass is foreign, and the groups are not what I was hoping for. The biting flies of Wisconsin are out in full force as well, and some fly-murder spray will be a necessity.

Then we went to work on setting up pitches:

After a healthy Mediterranean lunch, we hit Scheels for 80% DEET (those biting flies are back and ruthless as ever), took a nap, grabbed an iced coffee, and met pretty much everyone up at the practice fields. Played some matches, met some old friends, wrote a blog, and now we are heading to the Firehouse. I'll be buying shots for all those people in my group tonight.

This is all you get boys and girls. I got to get up early and play some kubb tomorrow.