Two words.


A beautiful day filled with beautiful kubb. It was great meeting new teams and players, seeing old friends, and japing with the best in the business.

Some games from DMK that really took the stage today:

Chicks with Sticks vs. The Farfars (Consolation Game)

I think the girls had a crush on these boys. The Farfars not only won the single elimination game, they also won the hearts of the 6 person all-girl DMK team. That's respect!

Pitch Slap vs. Kubbitz

A battle of drills. Tony Hansen was holding his own with Scott Forster. No more to be said. Great work Inkastares!

Kubb Snipers vs. Knockerheads
We both agreed that this was a Sunday Match. Great drilling from Chad Bevers, and great blasting from Rick and Chad2. What a great game; it was a pity that it was played on Saturday instead of Sunday.

The Beers vs. Leinenkubbels

A very close and almost king hit to lose was on Leinenkubbels court, but they were able to recover, and win the match. The Beers' Tyler Wallace was drilling well, and Mary Tapken was blasting kubbs with authority. Ferrell was rocking the toss, and Hohey was drinking very well during the game. It was a stellar performance by a great DMK team.

Kubb'd vs. Inkubbus

This game will live in infamy for years. This was a great game to watch, as I was able to root for both teams. However, Kubb'd brought their game, and took Goliath....I mean Inkubbus down in 3 games. No less on Pitch 1 with about 50 people watching. Chanting of "DMK, DMK, DMK" drowned out the music coming from HQ. Sad to see DMK battling it out in the Sweet 16, but when we bring so many teams up from the hotbed of talent in Iowa, it's bound to happen. Regardless, DMK wins in this scenario. Congrats to both teams for meeting in the Sweet 16.

Here's the final 8 teams for tomorrow:

Team Knockerheads vs. Tad Kubbler

If Team Knockerheads wants to take home hardware, they are going to have to weather the storm of the best 8m team in the U.S. This will be a slugfest, and I don't think either team is looking to lose

Kubbitz vs. The Ringers

2 same-style drilling teams coming to the game. This should be a drill-fest, and each team will be bringing their A-Game

WolfPack vs. Leinenkubbels

This will be an amazing game, with a lot of passion and intensity. We better get 2 refs to watch these teams slug it out!

Kubb'd vs. Kubbsicles
The Cinderella Team Kubb'd takes on the hometown favorites in a match that will most likely go to 3 games. Watch for Kubb'd to come out early on those baselines, but fear the Kubbsicles drilling. Someone has been practicing drills in the off-season!

Alright, time to grab some grub and hit the Firehouse for a pint. See you all Sunday morning!