Day 6:
Saturday. The big day. The party. Sprinkles in the morning, cloudy in the afternoon, and enough wind to keep the pesky bugs away. Perfect kubb weather. The day started as it had for years before, some warmups, a captains meeting, some swag purchases and a general milling about meeting old friends and learning new names. That is what the round robins are for. Saturday had a Sunday matchup atmosphere for two teams. KingPin and Leinenkubbels Light was a round robin match that could have easily been a Sunday battle. It went to 3 games, with both teams doing what they do.

The eliminations began after lunch, and the much anticipated match at the end of the day was Tad Kubbler vs. Dark Side of the Kubb. These two teams are evenly matched, and the crowd wanted to see a "for Sunday" battle. The winner would go on to Sunday, and the loser would be eliminated. In the end, Tad Kubbler squeezed out of the grip of the Dark Side, but dodged a bullet when going 0 for 6 on one lone kubb in the field.

So here is how the Sunday matchups lined up, and a little blurb about what I think of them:

Torpedos v. Kubbitz
2 teams that proved that you don't have to be a 'household' name to make it in this tournament. No offense to any team here, but I would say Kubb Country had maybe a little doubt as to how this new Kubbitz team would fare in the tournament. They lost Scott Forster, and their go-to guy simply did his homework and started picking up where Scott left off. Should be a good, evenly played match.

Tad Kubbler v. Team Knockerheads
Another brutal Sunday game. A repeat quarter-final match from 2012. Another team that deserves a medal that won't get one. Who will it be this year?

KingPin v. Pack of Snipers
Chaska Seriousness v. Appleton focus and Shafer goofiness. Someone better grab this one on video for the audio alone.

Kubbsicles v. Leinenkubbels Light
This could have been the finals, but a nail-biter in the Round Robin threw Leines right into the fire. Another matchup of 2 hometown EAU teams expected to get a medal.

Saturday night resulted in a DMK dinner, and a walk down to the Firehouse. Some beers, bubble hockey, foos ball, and some more beers we all part of the plan. And the plan went according to schedule. The best night of Firehouse to date thanks to all the friends, rivals, and family that were there.

Day 7:
Sunday. Funday? Nope, for the teams playing, it was a workday. 8:00 a.m. the practice fields were buzzing with uncertainty and anticipation. Some were throwing groups, other practicing 8 meter....some were laying in the grass listening to their tunes. Passion was heavier than the humidity that morning. I cannot remember anything from the games as my team got Georgia Dental'd all over again. I recall a few things from the 3rd place game; a successful rescue and some unsuccessful other things, but it was a blur, and the game for 3rd place just had me watching the Finals during my opponents turn.

Kubbsicles (Eau Claire, WI)  2-0 King Pin (Chaska, MN)
Team Knockerheads (Des Moines, IA) 2-0 Kubbitz (Eau Claire, WI) 
Kubbsicles 2-0 Kubbitz
King Pin 2-0 Team Knockerheads
Kubbsicles (Eau Claire, WI) 2-0 Leinenkubbels Light (Eau Claire, WI)
Kubbitz (Eau Claire, WI) 2-1 The Torpedoes (Minneapolis, MN)
Team Knockerheads (Des Moines, IA) 2-0 Tad Kubbler (Minneapolis, MN)
King Pin (Chaska, MN) 2-0 Pack of Snipers (Appleton, WI / Shafer, MN)

After the finals, hugs from friends and family, goodbye's and "see ya in Decorah's" we made the quiet and solemn ride to Madison to put an endcap on the biggest kubb party in North America. We met Dave from Rhymes with Tube over a beer and a pizza at Ale Asylum. Sometimes when you meet someone new, you have to kind of work at the conversation. Not the case with Dave. We talked about beer, kubb, stories of kubb games of the past, strategy, beer, chess, Sculpture Gardens, local breweries, mobile apps, you name it. It was a great time, and the Belgian IPA was one of the best beers I have had on the entire trip. Checkout Dave leading the cover on a local EAU story. The BEST co-ed team in the country; I'd put them up against any other co-ed team.

(Asylum: n. A place of refuge)

Day 8:

Belgian IPA for dinner. Belgian Waffles for lunch. And a short trip to New Glarus. And wow, what a place. This place is shiny; new Cat6 wiring to all their systems. State of the art brewery applications, amazing copper tuns, and a state of the art bottling process. The walk through the self-guided tour takes about 15 minutes, but we ended up taking more than 30 just looking at all the bits and bobs. The difference in tours between Valkyrie and New Glarus is like the difference between a Stout and a Pilsner. Both are great, but they are different. New Glarus was institutional, ostentatious, mechanical, and very Brave New World. Valkyrie was very intimate, knowledgeable, modest, and cozy.

(the bottling process)

After New Glarus we made our way home through some picturesque Wisconsin farmland, passing through highway towns and hilly fields. The trip back was quiet, with little to no kubb talk. The disappointment of having to check emails the next day could be sensed. But an urgency to check the social media between emails kept us awake. Until next year.