(New shirt? You'll find out in a month or two)

What an experience the 2013 U.S. Midwest Kubb Championship was for Chicks with Sticks, and it wasn't all necessarily good. In all honestly, we had high hopes coming into the tournament. We had been practicing for weeks, individually, in groups and as a team. We thought we had a good strategy and felt fairly confident we had all of the areas covered from king toss to 8 meter to drilling to short game. One of our team members was not able to attend, so we went with a five-person team.
We started out the day on a high note playing King Kung (the Reallygoods folks). We were full of energy and played fairly well, losing after a long first game. Then King Kung had the first toss in the second game, hit two or three baselines, and we were done, 2-0. Our second and third matches of the day went fairly similar, though we did win one game against Skelekubbers.
The highlight of the day was playing Wolfpack. Joe, Nate and Doug are awesome, and we walked away with new friends -- at least Nate and Melissa are after we swapped a boot for a shoe.
Our afternoon play was even more inconsistent. We had several opportunities to win but would fall apart for one reason or another. In all, our king tosses were great - we won every single one, I believe - but then we couldn't hit an 8-meter shot, which was frustrating because we had all done fairly well in practice.  
(Evan from the Goofy Kubbers said we "Finished 1st in Fun")

The Chicks are a much better team than we were last year at Nationals; now, we just have to prove it. We've got a lot of practice to do between now and July, and look forward to playing with our new sixth, Katie Scott, wife of Grant Scott (Team Knockerheads). If anything, our new shirts will give us the strength we need to be competitive come July 13th.