According to Josh “Dobbie” Feathers (DMK “Kubbmissioner” and member of reigning U.S. National Kubb Champions “Knockerheads”) Des Moines Kubb will be changing it’s focus this year to Ladder Golf. “I’ve gone about as far as I can with this cub game or whatever it’s called.” said Feathers. “Besides; it will be nice to finally play a game people have actually heard of.”   

"Ballkastares" - slang for elite ladder golf players (pictured above: the 2011 Champs)

Rising star Grant Scott expressed a similar sentiment; “I’ve always thought that Hodges was just making this thing up as he went along anyway. The only ‘rules’ I’ve ever seen came from him, and it seemed like he was always coming up with new ones - especially after he stopped winning all the time. I still don’t know how he got all those people up in Wisconsin to play along, but I bet beer was involved. Probably cheese too. Anyway, good one Chris, you really had me going there for a while.” 
The club’s move to Ladder Golf was due largely to the appeal of the game. “I got tired of just throwing sticks at blocks,” 10th Place Kubb Ladder ranked player Jeremy Harpold commented, “Ladder Golf has three different bars you can throw at, and when you add in the upright pipes on the side the scoring possibilities are practically endless. Oh, and that’s another thing – Points. How can you even tell who’s winning or losing in a game with no points? I can easily be 9th in a Ladder ladder golf ranking ladder." Harps continued.
Newcomer Brian Sheeks is looking forward to the move. "The official ladder golf rules state that players should make as much irritating noise and movements as possible to distract the thrower. My trash talk game can finally SHINE!"

Club Chairman Chris Hodges seemed excited about the move as well. “I like getting back to a game measured in feet like God intended. What even IS a meter anyway? I’m not sure anybody really knows.” 
According to sources inside the club Mike and Tony from team Pitch Slap have already started studying youtube videos of Ladder Golf tossing techniques and developing scoring systems.  Des Moines Kubb marketing manager, Mary Tapken, has already contacted the World Ladder Golf association with an offer to create official club shirts. 

While kubb has rich, historical ties to the past, Hodges sees the change as a more forward thinking move “Now THIS,” said Hodges, “…this is a game with a future.” 

When asked for comment, Steve Feathers just shrugged his shoulders and said "Long wooden sticks; balls on a rope, what is the difference?" Sue Feathers was caught snickering in the background.

You can sign up for the 2012 Fall Ladder Golf Classic in Des Moines, IA today!