After 2 long months of deliberation between team captains, and the Des Moines Kubb Board Members, the 2013 teams have been renamed and restructured to accomodate the changing landscape of Kubb Country, USA.

Here is a breakdown of the restructure:

Team Knockerheads will adopt the team name: The Wringers
The Beers will now be Wolfpact
Pitch Slap will play as Kubb Sickles
Los Padres will now be known as Sweden Suns
Head Slap will be Thad Kubbler
Chicks with Sticks is now Kingpen
Kubb'd will now be the Team Formerly Known as Kubb'd
Kubbacca will now be R2Kubb2, and R2 will rotate between King3PO, Obi-Wan Kubbnobi, and Count Dookubb
Team Madhouse will adopt the name: Kubbchuggs
4,5,6 Pick Up Sticks will be the Cast Spinner Kings

"We feel the team restructure will better represent the city of Des Moines as they travel and compete in all of this years' tournaments" said Dana Oredson, of the team formerly known as Kubb'd.

"I wasn't really excited about the changes at first" said Grant Scott of the new team The Wringers, "but I knew this would be best for the entire club."

"We are completely confident that our names represent the whole of Des Moines Kubb, and we are also sure that our name changes will not offend or rub other clubs the wrong way" said Tony Hansen, winner of the 2012 "nicest guy" in Iowa award.

"There were some hard decisions in the war-room during deliberation, and it took all the captains working about 50% to get through this in twice the time" said Melissa Walker, who in her role as club Vice President was allowed to use the DMK "Gavel" and yell "YOU'RE OUT OF ORDER!!!".

Look for our teams in the near future, coming to a tournament near you!