Earlier this year I decided to go to as many kubb tournaments as I could. The first hurdle to overcome was getting my wife, Sue Feathers, to bless this endeavor since she would be travelling with me and being my co-pilot as we drove around the Midwest. I shouldn’t have been surprised but I was when she quickly agreed. The only tournament she wasn’t in for was Minnesota Kubb's Loppet in February (she really doesn’t like the cold).


The second challenge was determining which tournaments fit into my schedule. I originally settled on seven tournaments but added a eighth when Lanesboro, MN decided to organize a tournament in April. And then a ninth when Nordic Fest became a two player tournament.

Hmmm… Now that I know where I want to go I need team mates to play. DMK is deep with talent so I started recruiting for the various tournaments. Kubb’d is my mainstay team and when I can I will compete as team Kubb’d. However, Stephanie Kidder, my oldest step-daughter, has young children and a demanding husband so has to limit her time away as do many of the DMK members.

Stephanie could commit to Rockford, IL and Eau Claire, WI but that was it. I was able to recruit Josh Feathers for the Minnesota Loppet Tournament and we represented as Team Fjadrar (if the Microsoft translator is correct that’s Team Feathers in Swedish).


I knew we would have enough DMK members going to Dallas in October so I wasn’t concerned about that one.


But who could I get for the other tournaments? I tried numerous DMK members but due to family, work or other commitments no one was available. I turned to my lovely bride and she quickly agreed to fill in as my partner for those tournaments where no one else is available (she prefers to watch and doesn’t give herself enough credit for being a decent kubb player). We settled on the team name Grumpy Old Kubbers.

Pic Above: The grumps in action at Madison
"I love this sport ......because an old, over weight man with arthitic knees can compete with 20 year olds."
Pic below: Rubbing out cramps during at Quarterfinal Match at Nationals.

Dana Oredson joined Kubb’d as our third member for Nationals and caught the Kubb bug that’s been sweeping the nation. After tying for 5th at Nationals Dana was ready for more so joined Sue and I for Nordic Fest.

I love this sport for the same reasons many of you have but I also love it because an old, over weight man with arthritic knees can compete with twenty year olds and be competitive but more than that it’s the new friends that I find at every place I go for kubb that really makes this all worth while. I recently posted on Facebook that I have more friends now than I ever had. It’s amazing but true.

It’s been a great year for kubb and I’m glad to have been part of it. After we finish travelling to Clash of the Kubb and Oktober Fest I will have racked up over 4,640 driving miles. Sue will have been in for all except 488 of those miles.

Next year how many miles? How many tournaments? I don’t know yet but I’m already working on my schedule. I hope to see you in my travels my kubb friends.