So there’s this guy…..

And he started making up pronunciations for words, and I have laughed very much due to this guy. It is a satirical play on the actual Pronunciation Book, a series of Youtube videos to help people pronounce different English words appropriately.

Here is an actual Youtube video from Pronunciation Book:


And here is one from the "dieloushious" Pronunciation Guide:

 See the difference!?

I am a fan! It is just a bunch of ridiculous pronunciations; so stupid it’s funny. My favorite so far is Guiness (he uses it in a sentence). Second up is hors d'oeuvres. Go ahead, watch 20 of them like I did the first time I found it....milk, Skyrim, Aeropostale, never ends.

Watching them got me thinking…..people never seem to pronounce kubb right:


No, that isn't my coworker saying "I have not played that game" in Icelandic. It's the real pronunciation of kubb, and we have been saying it wrong for thousands of years!