Just do a search on Youtube and you will find a ton of videos of kubb players rocking out perfect games. Why can't you make one, too, you are asking yourself. Well, here at Des Moines Kubb we have compiled a "game plan" to your Youtube Kubb Stardom that anyone can use to make a video of a "perfect game of kubb" in less than 1 hour.

First and foremost, you need a video machine that posts to Youtube via the wireless internet. You don't want to get bogged down in editing too much; we are going for speed, not quality here! I used an iPad2 and quickly exported directly to my Youtube account once I completed the dastardly deed.

Remember to put your videomachine on a tripod, or just on the ground, and put it up on the same side you are throwing from. You only need to show the 5 kubbs you are aiming for; no need to show your body throwing batons, as you will want to throw from 6 or 7 meters when you are out of the camera frame.

When you miss, stop the recording and restart again with your first throw. You won't want to edit out a 40 second part of a 30 minute-long video. This allows you to export easily to Youtube, shaving tons of time off the clock in the editing booth.

You will want to bring more than 6 batons with you for the video. You won't want to run and grab your batons every time you miss a kubb. Having at least 20 can shave off 30-45 minutes of your time.

Oh yeah, and pick the batons you throw so they all weigh the same, and make sure all the kubbs are as light as possible, and put a small rock or twig under the center of each one. This will ensure even a glancing blow will take them down. (See my 2nd kubb hit for proof)!

Make sure your king is about 3.5 meters from the baseline. Sure, sure, 4 meters is "more" accurate, but who's measuring? Don't forget to twist it a bit to get more "surface area" showing for your King Toss. You don't want to miss that once you have hit all your kubbs down, do you?

You will totally want a "baton" boy or girl; someone to help you reset kubbs, and grab batons out of the flowers....but make sure they are out of the shot. It's lame to have a friend or family member watching you make a kubb video when you both could be playing instead.

And lastly, exaggerate the tension and excitement (like I do in my video). This adds to the amazement of your marvelous perfect game. 

Now, once you have hit 5 with 5, and not missed the king, make sure to get that posted to Youtube post-haste so the world can see your magic. Pat yourself on the back; a perfect game kubb video in less than an hour.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, another perfect game of kubb video, completed and published in less than an hour. Presented by Des Moines Kubb:

So, mine is far from legit, and that was kind of the point and irony of the post. I am far removed from an elite sniper. That's why I try to surround myself with talent at 8 meter on a team. I'm honestly not that good at the long game. I don't practice it, and I get all nervous throwing last. 

I'm not trying to debunk or de-legitimize perfect game videos....I'm just saying that if you are recording yourself in the backyard and expect me to care about it, that's not going to happen. Shoot a perfect game 3 times in a row with the camera rolling in its entirety, then I'll watch and be amazed. Do it during a game, then you will captivate me.

Here are some amazing and legitimate videos of perfect games: