This past weekend we hosted a big party at my house. It’s the birthday party we host every year for my wife Becca, her brother Josh, and one of our oldest friends Doug (Doug couldn’t make it this year, but we still thought of it as the Triple Birthday Bash.) This annual party is the reason we found Kubb, as I was looking for something all of the guests could play in the back yard and stumbled across instructions for building a set and how to play. That was back in 2008, and while a lot of things have changed in the 5 years since it’s certain that our love of this game hasn’t.

Now, I’d had a few drinks, and as I tend to do once I tie one on, I got philosophical (and a little emotional) and thought about this game and what is so special about it that keeps us coming back for more.

The simple truth is that Kubb will give you whatever you want from it.

Do you want a pleasant afternoon, relaxing in the backyard with your family and playing a game with kid-friendly variants? Play with stacking or fudge the throwing lines for the kiddos - Kubb’s got you covered.

Prefer a raucous and rowdy, well-pickled crowd of a dozen (plus spectators) tossing insults as often as wood, laughing through triumphs and groaning over defeats? Kubb has that too!

Or you could slow it down, and play with one good friend and teammate, analyzing situations, discussing strategy, and deconstructing this deceptively complex machine. That’s Kubb for sure.

How about edge-of-your-seat intensity at multi-state tournaments, testing your nerves and your skill against some of the fiercest competitors in the country? No DOUBT Kubb has this for you!

Maybe you’re just looking for a great day in a park with a couple-hundred like-minded souls, sharing a passion for a unique game, making new friends and visiting old ones? Definitely this – always, always this.

I know I get a little “kubb-by-yah” sometimes, but I’m a true believer in “Kubb unites people and creates peace on Earth.” I know that this is what it can be, because time and time again I’ve seen that Kubb is whatever you want it to be.

I know this too – however you’re playing Kubb, you’re doing it the right way. Keep it up, and I’ll see you on the pitch!