The World Championships for kubb, normally held in Gotland, Sweden, are planned to be held in Des Moines, IA in 2012. This information comes from credible sources inside the World Championship War Room.

"Well, we figured, why not move to where the competition is" said one spokesperson for the World Championships. "Des Moines Kubb is among the most skilled and proficient in the world."

Other changes include allowing "propeller" throws, intimidation tactics, and no longer will handshaking be a part of tournament play. "What do you think this is, some sort of fun lawn game? This is serious business" said Josh Feathers, part of the Des Moines Kubb Steering Committee.

"We are glad to have the World Championships, but we are hoping to relegate some of the weaker teams (like Team Ekeby). The Ringers, Team McKie, Tad Kubbler, Team Madhouse; these are the teams we are looking at for world-class play" said Chris Hodges.

Upon asking Eric Anderson for a comment, he simply knocked the recorder out of the hands of the reporter and mumbled something about Peace on Earth.


Happy April Fools Day everyone.