At our year end meeting we talked a bit about what this past year meant for the club, but a recent Facebook post from the U.S. National Kubb Championship got me thinking about what memories from the 2012 Kubb season will be sticking with me, and it turns out there are quite a few!

  • ·         Teaming with Grant for his first Kubb tournament at the Loppet.

o   The whole match playing Puppies Puppies Puppies, especially Grant sealing the match with a no-look king shot!

o   Pulling our butts out of the fire against Swedish Bikini Team with a low percentage double in the field with baton #6. Needed it, got it. High five!

o   Battling The Ringers in the quarters – three games in ten minutes, two heavyweights just going after each other with everything we had, and barely a miss in the match. Ten minutes on the pitch made 10 hours in the car worth every second.

  • ·         Inkasting for the 7-headed monster Kubbacca in Rockford.

o   Going undefeated for 10 games until we met The Ringers in the Quarterfinals.

o   Slogging out a brutal match against Aaron Berry et al in the round of 16. It was a grind, but we were all having a great time.

o   Getting our butts handed to us in our first taste of 6-on-6 in a friendly match against the Big Red Machine after we were eliminated. Made us all look forward to Dallas even more!

  • ·         Nationals!

o   Kubb’d humbled us in the round of 16, but it’s still the biggest kubb party in the U.S. – how can you NOT love it? Great time hanging with Kubbnation.

  • ·         Storming Decorah with Mike Larson

o   Mike is a machine, and we played tough all day. Great experience hanging with JP and the Chaska crew for most of the day. I choked in the finals, but had to be happy taking home the 2nd place hammer!

  • ·         The Fall Klassic

o   Another great year for our crown jewel, and this year I was able to take a run through the meat grinder myself. I don’t mind patting myself on the back a bit, because that system is as intense as it is fun! Looking forward to my next go around with it in 2014. The even years are mine Dobbie!

  • ·         Dallas with the Six Pack!!!

o   The whole day. Just… THE WHOLE DAY.

o   Hitting a 7 against Sweden’s Amateur Ringers to set up the win in the first game of the day.

o   Rescues, the immaculate 8 meter drill, and Battle Kubb!

o   Watching the kubbs fall my way time and again in the final match under the lights

o   Chugging Valkyrie’s Rubee Red out of the championship chalice!!!

  • ·         Playing a 4-man Scrambler with Dob, Goplin, and JP on a warm November night under the lights in Painter Park. Yeah sure, I lost 0-3, but what a group to play with!
  • ·         It took me until the last day of the year, but I finally beat Dob in a ranked match. I opened 5-for-5 in game one, *LOST*, then took the next two games in grinds to finish the 2012 ladder the same way I started it – owning the red #2 tag.


…along the way I hoisted trophies at the DMK Winter Scrambler as well as the Harps Summer Invitational (coinciding with my birthday party).  Yeah, it was a great year in Kubb for me, and somehow every year just keeps getting better!!!

Looking forward to seeing all of you on the pitch in 2013.