Hey DMK!


I want to start by thanking everybody that made the trip up to Eau Claire this past weekend – we rolled DEEP this year kid! Twenty-Three playing members (plus various family, friends, looky-loos, and groupies of questionable repute) made for easily the best showing by our club at any event outside our area code, and one of the largest groups of DMK members in one place at one time ever! Secondly, on behalf of everybody that was there and playing, thanks to all of you at home for showing your support before, during, and after the tournament – knowing we had all of you backing us up meant a lot. Getting a friendly text when your back is against the wall far from home can really make a big difference, and I know we all appreciated it.


The Knockerheads did us proud on a 16-0 march to the final match, but the Kubbsicles were in near perfect form and were able to prevent the repeat. Sadly, we weren’t able to bring the National title home again this year, but no one could say that this wasn’t the BEST performance by this club, ever. Period. Twenty-Three players on seven teams, and we stormed the right-hand side of the Championship bracket like an enemy beach. Here’s the breakdown of our members’ results: (Current DMK Members in bold)


Team Knockerheads (Dobbie Feathers, Dwayne Ballmer, Grant Scott) – 2nd place

Kubb’d (Steve Feathers, Stephanie Kidder, Dana Oredson) – Tied 5th

The Beers (Josh Tapken, Tyler Wallace, Mary Tapken, Mike Farrell) – Tied 9th

Inkubbus (Chris Hodges, Rob Hoelscher, Jeremy Harpold) – Tied 9th

King Pin (Mike Larson, JP Larson) – Tied 9th

Pitch Slap (Tony Hansen, Mike Pedersen, John Walker) – Tied 17th

Chicks with Sticks (Heather Woltz-Benz, Jaime Feathers, Amy Hansen, Jen Oredson, Melissa Walker, Becky Hohenfeldt) – Tied 17th (Consolation) (Tied-1st in fun!)


That is *FIVE* teams with DMK members in the Sweet 16, and Pitch Slap fought so hard and came so close to being a sixth. Two of those five made it to the Elite 8 & beyond, and if the luck of the draw hadn’t had Kubb’d and Inkubbus facing off in the round of 16 it might very well have been three.

FIVE teams earned a seed in next year’s bracket. FIVE teams from DMK will be waiting with hope & anxiety as their names are drawn at next year’s live drawing. FIVE.

We have all earned the right to be very proud of each other, and we’ve once again guaranteed that all of Kubbnation – the entire Kubb WORLD – knows what DMK stands for.


Each other.


Chris Hodges

President, Des Moines Kubb