Well, this being my first...ummm...ya know, I figure I may as well keep it short, simple, and funny (the first two I can guarantee). I'm not sure exactly where this will go, or how long my OCD will last, so this may just end up being my FIRST and LAST....thing....ever. And while I still have a bit of the adrenaline rush still running through my veins from Nationals, namely from that DEFAULT team we played to start the whole tournament, I figured I would take a stab at this...

Anywhoo, I asked a plethora of questions at Nationals, and heard various others asked, so I figured a great start to this thing (notice I didn't call it what it is, namely out of shame) would be a top 10 questions asked at Nationals:

10. I saw the
referee disqualify a player...who was it and what for?
9. If it wasn't grass, what the heck was it?
8. Does geology truly rock?
7. How many pockets does that kilt have, anyway?
6. How long has Iowa been down there.......waiting? And does it really touch Wisconsin THERE?
5. How many miles were put on that vehicle with California plates? 
4. How do you say "Drink beer and throw wood" in Swedish?
3. What did the rectangle say to the parallelogram?
2. Why weren't the brackets auctioned off, too?
1. How is lefse pronounced?

 Please comment, feel free to answer these, and I'll get the answers to these important questions next time I...uhhh....do this.