Did you see that we updated the rules to v1.1. The 'rules committee' has been in deep debate around the new rule-set. Passions are running high, arguments have spiraled out of control, and the use of hyperbole and rhetoric has been mildly excessive. Lines have been crossed, and good nature has taken the backseat to intimidation tactics, verbal abuse, and (must I say) stinkeye.

 But such is the life of a tournament organizer and his evil rule minions.....

While the thought of Eric Anderson actually getting upset about something is laughable, these last two (or has it been three) weeks have been demanding and email intensive. We recently received a significant amount of feedback from the highest of sources. No, not CANADA! Europe son. The big EU. The place of metric, using commas instead of periods, and the Euro. Some from Germany, a bit from Sweden, and some from a country called EU Claire, as well. Three different European countries, all with high levels of experience around this game, including an official official judge in western kubb tournaments.

Within 1 week of publishing v1.0 we had many, many pages of feedback, differences, recommendations for changes, and (in a few cases) suggestions to delete the entire rule-set. This feedback was APPRECIATED at the highest level of kubb-dom and I hope that those that provided feedback truly understand that.

So, we got busy. Email strings numbering 20+, the setup of a 'kubb lab' for detailing the highest level of kubb stacking rules, and team-building classes (exhausting DMKC funds and Eric having to sell his Green Bay Packers share) where we sung 'Kumbaya' each night and had lessons in 'trust falling'. After all this, we finally did it. Eric approved v1.1. There are still differences from World Championship Rules, and there always will be. Some of the World Championship rules require significant resources to manage, some make it less fun for certain player skill levels or certain ages, and some, in my opinion, are an improvement to World Championship rules (uh oh....did I say that?)
 Fig. 1: The 'Kubb Lab' (and turkey roaster storage)
No. I do not consider myself a kubb elitist. I think I spend too much time on the game, as does my family (think I spend too much time). I think a kubb elite would make a case for adopting all the WC Rules. I would be making moves to only allow 6 player teams at US Nationals. I would make a case for certain throws to be legal 'helicopters'. I would want to change our vision from "making kubb enjoyable to all ages and all skill levels" to "making kubb tournaments more competitive". Do not get me wrong, I play in kubb tournaments to win, but not AT THE COST of the enjoyment of everyone else. There is something about kubb in the U.S. that certain WC rules would negate or hamper, and here is what I think it is: "The ability to have a large-scale tournament where all skills levels can enjoy participating, whether you are a new player, a recreational player, or a competitive player." These are my thoughts; you would have to ask other people what they think. 

Enjoy v1.1,
Josh Feathers