I wanted to put the finalization on this years' Spring Kubb Adult League. Thank you to all 11 different participants this year, especially the new league faces, including Brian and Johnny Walker.

In the final week a tie emerged between the two Feathers boys. Both sought club champion, but in the end, with the amount of ties and the use of "math", Josh Feathers edged out Steve for SKAL champ.

The Spring Kubb Adult League is the only event that we do to help with club operating costs. Your membership and your league entry fees go to help keep the website and domain active, to maintain new sets (we buy new sets for league, and continue using those for open kubb events, like Jasper Winery) and other game-day consumables, and to help with initial costs of the Fall Kubb Klassic, as we need to pay the city fees for park use and concessions. If you were unable to make it this season, please let us know why when you see the poll on Facebook. We tried to accommodate the best schedule for the most people to participate, and I know we were pretty much split down the middle on weekends vs. weekdays. We will never be able to pick a recurring time that will work for everyone, but we will do our best in 2013. Thank you everyone that participated.

Season Ending Results:

  1. Dobbie : 54
  2. Steve : 50
  3. Mary : 42
  4. Bert: 26
  5. Chris : 25 
  6. Tony : 14 
  7. Brian : 11
  8. Steph : 10
  9. John : 8
  10. Grant : 7
  11. Abbey : 6