I heard a rumor today that the back of waterworks had opened for the first time this week, since the floods had left the park road full of debris. I wanted to take a look for myself, and review how much (if any) damage the floods did on the shelter area planned for the Fall Kubb Klassic in October. The weather, unfortunately, did not cooperate. I did manage to snap a few low resolution, blurry pics with my phone during the downpour. The area is in good shape. There's two areas I envision kubb pitches; one being south of the shelter, intermingled with some trees. Another area north of the shelter provides endless flat surface, with a little rougher grass and a more 'commercial' grass cutting job. I think Chris and I still need to do some measurements, but regardless, the park is in good shape, although the pics resemble more of the flood-like deluges of the spring. 

 South and west of shelter above, north and east of shelter below

There's plenty of room overall, the shelter will be used as Tournament HQ slash food/drink vendors.
There's an actual restroom, which is nice, and plenty of parking. Waterworks is a county park, and is BYOB friendly, for those that care about that. More details to come...