The season kicked off at Tower park on a warm (if somewhat overcast and breezy) Spring day.  Grant and Doug both entered the fourth round undefeated, giving up only a single base kubb apiece in the first three rounds. They continued a shootout for the rest of the afternoon, facing off in the 7th and final round with a half of a game separating them. In the end Grant showed why he carries the #1 tag, but we've got to hand it to Doug - he hasn't thrown a baton in months but he showed up and played some great games today! We also saw how important every throw in a Scrambler is, because Steve, Jaime, and Ross all finished with three game wins and  margin of only TWO base kubbs across 7 games separated 4th place from 6th!

Great start to the season everybody - I look forward to seeing you all again next week!

Standings after week 1:

1. Grant : 11
2. Doug : 10
3. Melissa : 9
4. Steve: 8
5. Jaime : 7
6. Ross : 6
7. Abbey : 5