Fun night in the rain! Getting a little wet doesn't stop the DMK crew from enjoying a few drinks & tossing some lumber, and 7 members showed up to play in week 3 of the Summer Scrambler Series. I jumped out to an early lead until the last game when Grant & I lost to Dobbie 5-0 in a dramatic finish, overtaking my half-game advantage.

One footnote: Despite working most of last winter to collect and assemble a comprehensive U.S. Nationals Kubb Ruleset Dobbie & I both violated them in a single baton toss, and we weren't even throwing! Miggy had tossed a baton & tossled a base kubb, leaving it leaning. After a few seconds Dobbie jostled it to "see if anything was holding it up" then reset it to vertical, then I told him he couldn't do that and kicked it over. Both wrong. Rule II.B.10(b) states:

"Once all batons have been thrown, if the game is not over, then the defender may reset any leaning kubbs to vertical (provided they are not moved or turned) and the game progresses to the kubb tossing phase."

So, I was right that Dobbie was in violation, but I handled the violation incorrectly, as rule III.A.4 states:

"Any rules enforced, during any throwing phase, on the non-throwing team will result in a replay of the last thrown game component, if requested by the throwing team. Reset game components to the positions prior to the last throw. The throwing team replays the last throw."

So, handled correctly Dobbie would have been given a Warning and Miggy would have had the opportunity to rethrow. Should additional infractions occurred Dobbie & I might have been issued a Game Penalty, which would have resulted in a forfeited baton during each remaining round of the game. That's "rules-as-written", but we may want to reconsider this scenario, as I'm not sure there is enough disincentive to correct leaning kubbs. I'll bring it up in the next meeting of the rules committee! Anyway, to keep things fair for the remainder of the Summer Scrambler Series we should adopt the house rule that if the defending team touches a leaning kubb that has been touched earlier in the round before all 6 batons have been thrown (and a reasonable amount of time has elapsed since it was jostled) then the kubb is considered "toppled" and laid on it's side in the direction it was previously leaning.

This weeks point awards:

Dobbie: 11
Chris: 10
Miggy: 9
Steve: 8
Grant: 7
Jon: 6
Mike: 5

Bringing the season stats to:

Grant: 26
Chris: 26
Dobbie: 19
Miggy: 17
Tony 15
Steve: 14
Mike: 13
Mark: 11
Jerry: 10
Tom: 6
Ben: 5 

Next week will be our last Thursday night game at Jasper Winery, so come out and help us close out what has been a great season at a great venue! (No the series isn't ending - we are just moving to unWINEd Friday nights at Gray's Lake.)