Very competitive games tonight at a venue none of us really fell in love with. The Summer Concert Series at Jasper was great, but unWINEd at Gray's Lake just isn't a good match for us. We had some walk-by traffic and we got a few new players interested in the game, but we couldn't get very close to the event and the wind coming in off the lake was pretty fierce. Next week we're finishing the Summer Kubb Adult League at Cup O' Kryponite, home of the 2010 Fall Kubb Klassic (not to mention our very first "public" event!)

The games were tough, and they all came down to just one bad round (or one great one!). 6 players showed, and we were one game away from a 6-way tie with 2 games a piece. Intense Kubb, and a whole lot of fun.

Tonight's point awards:

Dobbie :  10
Jon : 9
Chris : 8
Miggy : 7
Grant : 6
Steve : 5

Season standings:

Grant : 54
Chris : 50
Dobbie : 47
Jon : 40
Miggy : 29
Steve : 25
Mike : 21
Tony : 15
Mark : 11
Jerry : 10
Andre : 9
Heather : 7
John : 7
Tom : 6
Mary : 5
Ben : 5

I gained a couple points on Grant tonight, but he still has a solid 4 point lead going into the final week. We're breaking the lights out and playing as late as we need to! Come on out to Cup next Friday and help us put a cap on the inaugural season of SKAL!!!