On the ride back from Dallas, WI, we were pointing and lauging at Steve Feathers, who currently holds the record for T-5 titles at North American kubb tournaments. We started wondering if 5 was just his number:

Hold record for most T-5's (self-proclaimed)
Currently holds #5 in the DMK ladder rankings
55 years old
5 Grandchildren
Parents had 5 children
Hit 5 baseline kubbs in one round against FVK
Left for Dallas on October 5th with 5 People in a car that has 5 tires (inc. spare)
Parents had 5 children
Called Matt "Evan" five times
Five team mates
Five letters in name (Steve)
Played five matches in the rounds Saturday
Room in Chetek was 55 dollars a night
Five dollar tip at breakfast
In Navy five years

Let's all give a High-Five to Steve: