I have received many email responses to the Top 10 questions, and after careful review of what was provided, below are the answers to these very important questions:

10. I saw the referee disqualify a player...who was it and what for?
A team was using the brutal and feared "shin technique" in round robin. The goal of the shin technique is to bring your competition to their knees and concede the game. This is done by throwing your batons with excessive force at your opponents lower body, attempting to damage the shin area, forcing the opponent to quit. Eric Anderson had to develop rules for this tactic for the second time, as this was successfully used by "Team DeathKubb" in the 2008 finals.

 9. If it wasn't grass, what the heck was it?

Based on your emails, it seems the green stuff we played on was a genetically altered form of the carrot, designed to attract stinging insects.

8. Does geology truly rock?
You bet your igneous it does!

7. How many pockets does that kilt have, anyway?
There are two possibilities...some say there were only three pockets in the Utilikilt, one for each baton in a 2-team game. Others state that there is a 'hidden' pocket in each main pocket, allowing for all 6 batons in a vs. game. 

6. How long has Iowa been down there.......waiting? And does it really 
touch Wisconsin THERE?
The first American settlers officially moved to Iowa in June 1833, but we weren't recognized as a state until 1846, making it the older brother of the state of Wisconsin by two years.

5. How many miles were put on that vehicle with California plates? 
Over 2,000 miles, or in terms of environmental impact, it would be equivalent to making 2 kubb sets out of Amazon Bloodwood.

4. How do you say "Drink beer and throw wood" in Swedish?
I didn't get any emails on this one, so I had to ask my trusty google translator. Google says the answer is:
 Dricka öl och kasta trä "
Someone should comment if this is wrong.

3. What did the rectangle say to the parallelogram?
9.43, naturally.

2. Why weren't the brackets auctioned off, too?
I got an email from an anonymous kubbster that they were in fact auctioned off, and went for six figures. The idea was that these would become relics of an era when a 'mere' 64 teams participated at a tournament. Statistics are showing that next year the tournament will have over 1,024 teams, and there are already plans to move the tourney to a small island in Lake Superior, just to slow the growth.

1. How is lefse pronounced?

A common misconception is that it is pronounced Luff Suh, however, I received emails from various Swedes that stated that they pronounce it bustflotbrudever

And that is all for the Top 10 list. Stay tuned for more ramblings and 100% factual data in the coming weeks.