It's funny. I don't get to have them very often. They are usually made 30 minutes before the BBQ. The buzzer alerts me to completeness, I rush in, throw them in a tupperware bowl, and head over to the backyard of whoever is hosting.

I drop them off inside, say hi to my friends, check the status of the current kubb game, and open the lid on the grill to see what is smoking. I run inside to grab some snacks to tithe me over until the pork butt is done.

"Where did all the poppers go?", I ask. Horhey, cheeks crammed full of something says "mffrrrhrhrmpppshhh" and points to Harps. Harps points to Mary. Mary points to Frankie.


Well, shame on me. It took only twice to figure out that I have to make a double-batch, and eat a few on the drive over if I'm going to get to try them. I think they are okay; everyone else tells me that are 'freaking good'. Well, a secret no longer:

  • 12 fresh jalapenos
  • 12 medium pre-cooked shrimp
  • 2-4 oz cream cheese
  • 6 strips of bacon, cut in half (12 half strips)  

1. Behead and core the jalapenos. Use a carrot peeler to core them. Insert the carrot peeler and rotate 360 degrees, and pull the core out.

Coring the jalapeno

2. Take a freezer bag and turn it inside out. Place your brick (or dollop) of cream cheese in the corner and re-invert the bag. Cut a slit in the cream cheese'd corner and you have a mess-free white-trash piping bag
White-trash piping bag pre re-invertion

3. Start preheating your oven to 350-375 degrees. Now, take a shrimp and plug the hole so the cream cheese doesn't leak out during baking. Take a decent-quality toothpick and stab the shrimp tail, your 'exit wound' being all the way through the jalapeno, like this:

Holds the cream cheese in real good

 Next, take your bacon, anchor it on the toothpick, and wrap around and over the shrimp.

Anchor, then wrap nice and tight

4. Take a second toothpick and make a tripod, so that the cream cheese doesn't leak out through the baking process. Additionally, crinkle some tin foil and place at the bottom of the pan. This will help if a tripod falls down; it won't rest in its own juice.

 "Tripod has three legs"
 5. Bake at 350-375 for 15 minutes or so. Check and reset any toppled field, I mean tripod poppers. Bake another 5 minutes. Bacon should be crispy and cream cheese should be leaking just a bit. Put directly into a tupperware bowl (you can line it with tin-foil) and take directly to your friends BBQ and expect to get none. Serve with beer (as shown below):