Des Moines Kubb Club Rankings:
Champion: Josh Feathers
2nd Place: Grant Scott
3rd Place: Chris Hodges
4th Place: Dana Oredson
5th Place: Steve Feathers
6th Place: Katie Scott

Des Moines Kubb Club Rankings:
Couples Ladder
In session

1st Place: Jaime/Josh Feathers
2nd Place: Amy/Tony Hansen
3rd Place: Dana/Jennifer Oredson
4th Place: John/Melissa Walker
5th Place: Grant/Katie Scott

Couples Ladder uses same rules as Ladder, except there are no keychains, and no restrictions on challenging (ex. Unranked can challenge #1).

What is the Des Moines Kubb Ladder tournament?

The Des Moines Kubb Ladder tournament is an ongoing ranking competition for active Des Moines Kubb Members. Members of lower rank may challenge a player of higher rank (see restrictions below), and if they win the players trade rankings.

Below is a summary of who can challenge who: 


Can Challenge

Can be Challenged By






3, 4



4, 5



5, 6


4, 3

6, Unranked


5, 4



The intent of these rules is to:

  • Encourage participation for all members of the club, regardless of rank.
  • To create a fun and enjoyable environment wherein the scheduling of matches is fair and easily understood by all members.
  • Creating a system that works on its own, with the least amount of moderation and adjudication, with honest and civil club members.

Rules Summary:

  • To participate, you need to provide an active email address or phone number, or have an active Facebook profile.
  • Key chains numbered 1-6 have been provided by the club to 6 ranked members that denotes their current ranking.
  • Unranked players that have never played a ranked match may challenge any ranked player, 1 through 6.
  • If you do not have contact information for a player you would like to challenge, post on the Des Moines Kubb Facebook Wall and tag your opponent. The challenge process is as follows:
    • Challenged players have 3 days to respond to a challenge .
    • Players must play the scheduled match within 10 days.

  • Higher ranked players may decline challenges due to scheduling issues (illness, vacation, etc.) without losing their rank but must submit the reason for their declination to the director.
  • Lower ranked players may rescind challenges at any time, but have to notify the other player immediately.
  • Higher ranked players that have not played in a ranked match in 4 weeks CANNOT decline a challenge for ANY reason.
  • Ranked matches will be best-of-three games following the U.S. National Kubb Championship rules (excepting minimum players-per-team and maximum batons-per-round rules)
  • Competition kubb sets are recommended for use but are not required provided the set used is reasonably close to the standard.
  • The loser of a ranked match must either play a ranked match against a lower ranked player or wait 3 days until issuing a challenge.
  • Once a player has accepted or issued a challenge they may not accept or issue any other challenges until the first challenge is resolved.
  • Without the tags at the pitch, the game cannot officially be held. If the higher ranked player is the only player missing their tag, they will get their opponents tag.
    One thing I'd like our participating members to keep in mind: I have tried to build into these rules a slight advantage for the challenged player; they choose the ground, the time, and the set (as rank should have it's privileges). But if I am called upon to arbitrate a dispute I will be inclined to favor the lower ranked player. Movement through the rankings is what will make this tournament fun, so I want to see ranking tags changing hands often, and at every level 1 to Unranked. This tournament never ends so don't waste your energy worrying about an arbitration call that went against you. Just win your rank back the next chance you get the chance. Happy Kubbing--I'll see you on the pitch!

    More detials on the rules can be found here
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