Learn and Play

Des Moines Kubb will once again be running Learn and Play events throughout the summer. 

August 17th, 2014
Millstream Brewery
Amana Colonies, 2-4 p.m.

Check back often for more events.

Upcoming Des Moines Kubb Events



Where: Des Moines, IA - Tower Park

When: Saturday, September 20th, 2014

Time: Check-in is from 8-8:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. Round 1 begins!

Teams: Minimum of two persons on a team (No player may throw more than three batons.)

Cost: $50.00 /team ($10.00 Earlybird Registration through August)

Format: U.S. National Rules using DMK Klassic Format. (Guaranteed 5 matches with 50 minute time limits)

Fall Kubb Klassic Facebook Event

"From a player that had only played in one tournament, and my partner who had only played twice in his life...we loved the format and got hot (and lucky) at the right time to bring home the silver." - JP Larson, Kingpin, Minnesota

"We exceeded our own expectations for the tournament and couldn't have had a better group (of teams) in the final 8 to play! They were competitive and yet encouraging, which is hard to find in most sports today." 

"(The) tournament style and attitude towards newcomers is a great model for us, as well as other clubs to follow."

"It's wonderful that the kubb community can come together to help a great charity and still have a lot of fun in the process."

"It's the most legit tournament out there. You want to BE the best? You've got to BEAT the best. You want my pitch? Come take it!" - Nate Olsen, Team Wolfpack, Minnesota

"We had to dig extremely deep to fight for the win, perhaps as deep as we have ever had to go...the day seems like a complete blur and felt like a kubb meat-grinder." - Eric Anderson, Sweden's Sons, Wisconsin

Snus Hill Winery Presents the Co-ed Kubb Challenge
Sign up early as we can only accommodate 16 teams. Registration opened on Jan. 1st.

Checkout www.snushillwine.com for winery information

Friday night Social at the winery on June 20th. Maypole raising, concessions, and live music will be part of the Midsommar festivities.

 Where: Snus Hill Winery, Madrid, IA

When: Saturday, June 21st, 2014

Cost: $30.00 per team

Teams: Girls must throw half, boys must throw half the batons each turn. 2 player team size minimum with at least 1 boy and 1 girl.

Size: Due to space, we are setting a 16 team limit.

Registration Instructions:

1. Email desmoineskubb[at]gmail.com with the following details:

Team Name
Team Captain
Expected Number of Players (minimum 2)

2. Des Moines Kubb will reply within 2-4 days with a link for you to complete registration and payment.

Format: Klassic Format, 6 rounds. 6 matches guaranteed. 50 minute time limits in rounds. Top 8 move to Championship, bottom 8 move to consolation.

Inkasting (kubb tossing) will alternate each round. Boys will throw kubbs, then the next round, girls will throw kubbs.

If matches go to a 3rd game, then re-throw to select toss/side, AND throwing team gets 4 batons (with boy(s) throwing 2 and girl(s) throwing 2. Essentially, the 3rd game will be viewed as Overtime.


The first ever Co-Ed Kubb Challenge will take place during Midsommer Festival activities on the Snus Hill Winery Private Property. Live music, concessions, bonfires, and much more.

We would be more than happy to add your kubb event. Send an email or invite to desmoineskubb {at} gmail.com and we'll add it.

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