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How to Play Kubb

Above is probably one of the best overviews of the rules and compilations of variants I have seen. A great way to learn the game quickly, understand the kubb dimensions, and get a set built quickly. Kudos to Scott Moehring...

Kubb Dimensions:

                                Metric (official)                  US (non-official)

10 Kubbs                    7x7x15 cm                          2¾ x 2¾ x 6 inches

6 Batons                    30 cm x 4.4 cm diameter       12 inches x 1¾ in diameter

1 King                        9x9x30 cm                          3½ x 3½ x 12 inches

Building Tips:

Most importantly, BE SAFE!

Take some time to consider the type of wood you are going to use. A hard wood, like Ash, will last longer and wear less, but it will be a little more heavy. A light wood like cedar will show dents, and you can probably leave it out in the rain once or twice without damaging it. Southern Yellow Pine will put you in line with the standard weight used at Nationals, and is easy on your pockets.

It is worth the time to use a router on the edges; this will reduce corner splinters and it makes the set 'pop'.

To keep your set in top condition for years, Tung Oil does the trick. Remember the rule of thumb: One coat a day for a week, one coat a week for a month, one coat a month for a year, and one coat a year for life.

U.S. National Championship Rules

Above is the most recent version of the US National Championship Rules. The intent of the rules is twofold. The rules are to be as close as possible to the rules used at the World Championships in Gotland, Sweden. Additionally, the rules should create a fair and enjoyable tournament environment for all ages and all skill levels.

The Des Moines Kubb Club considers this rule-set a 'living document' that will change and be improved, but we need people to scrutinize it and help make it better. All comments and revisions received are shared and debated with Eric Anderson, who is the tournament organizer for the U.S. Nationals Tournament. The U.S. Nationals Tournament Organizer makes the final decision as to whether new rules are adopted or denied. The Des Moines Kubb Club only acts as a 'steward' of these rules.


The Des Moines Kubb Scrambler Format

Here are game schedules if you want to host a DMK Scrambler. This is a mini-tournament format for 4-13 players where each round is a doubles game, but in each round the players are scrambled up into new teams with each player's individual wins being tracked and a single player declared the winner at the end of the event. Each player is paired once WITH each other player, and twice AGAINST each other player. Six and ten player formats are slightly different by necessity (there will be one player you are never paired with, and two players you only play against once each), and seven and eleven player schedules were omitted since they would result in 3 players sitting out per round, and who wants that?

We've included an area to track Win Margin as a tie breaker in case multiple players finish with the same record. If you want to play single games in order to play a faster event we recommend using the number of base kubbs left standing by the losing team minus the number of base kubbs left standing by the winning team (note that if one team is winning and lose via King fail then the winners could score a negative win margin); if you play best of three matches use the number of games lost with the winner having the fewest.

DMK_Scrambler_Game_Schedules.pdf DMK_Scrambler_Game_Schedules.pdf
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